5 Myths About Facelift


5 Myths About Facelift The face is one of the first places to start showing signs of aging and the first thing people see. There are different techniques and treatments to combat aging signs, such as Botox, fillers, Rhytidectomy, and facelifts. The Facelift is the gold standard for helping rejuvenate [...]

5 Myths About Facelift2022-03-22T16:16:56-04:00

Liposuction Dimpling 101


Liposuction Dimpling 101 Patients undergo Liposuction surgery to remove unwanted stubborn fat for an overall better body contour and silhouette. Being one of the most sought-after cosmetic procedures, it delivers rewarding results with minimal risks when done by an experienced plastic surgeon. However, like with all cosmetic procedures, there is [...]

Liposuction Dimpling 1012022-03-22T16:17:46-04:00

Upper Eyelid Vs Lower Eyelid Surgery


Upper Eyelid Vs Lower Eyelid Surgery The aging process not only takes a toll on our skin but also takes a toll on the eyes, leading to puffy lower eyelids, sagging upper eyelids, bags, and more. Patients choose to get Eyelid surgery to address these signs of aging for cosmetic [...]

Upper Eyelid Vs Lower Eyelid Surgery2022-03-22T16:14:25-04:00

Breastfeeding After Breast Reduction Surgery


Breastfeeding After Breast Reduction Surgery Half a million women choose to get a breast reduction for different reasons, most including health purposes. However, this decision doesn't come lightly and can impact your ability to breastfeed later in life. If you're considering getting breast reduction surgery, it's critical to consider breastfeeding [...]

Breastfeeding After Breast Reduction Surgery2022-03-22T16:20:11-04:00

Shaving Before Plastic Surgery


Shaving Before Plastic Surgery If you're undergoing plastic surgery such as a body contouring or skin tightening procedure, you may be wondering if you need to shave any hair present in the area. While it may seem like a good idea to shave any hair present in advance, this is [...]

Shaving Before Plastic Surgery2022-03-22T16:20:52-04:00

Liposuction Recovery Timeline


Liposuction Recovery Timeline Are you thinking about Liposuction to help get rid of stubborn excess fat that won't go away no matter how hard you diet and work out? You may feel excited to feel confident in your newly contoured body finally, but the recovery period plays a significant role [...]

Liposuction Recovery Timeline2022-03-22T16:21:31-04:00

5 Myths About Breast Augmentation


5 Myths About Breast Augmentation Even with the significant popularity of Breast Augmentation surgery, there are still myths about the procedure. If you have decided to get a Breast Augmentation and are doing the research before your procedure, you may come across information that may not be true. It's essential [...]

5 Myths About Breast Augmentation2022-03-22T16:28:12-04:00

Tummy Tuck Recovery Timline


Tummy Tuck Recovery Timeline If you're struggling to eliminate excess skin and/or stretched abdominal muscles, a Tummy Tuck may be the solution in getting a firmer, more toned abdomen. Are you researching to prepare for the procedure? Below is the recovery timeline for a Tummy Tuck, so you are well [...]

Tummy Tuck Recovery Timline2022-03-22T16:29:58-04:00

Best Sleeping Positions After Plastic Surgery


Best Sleeping Positions After Plastic Surgery A majority of your recovery post-plastic surgery will be spent napping and resting. However, it's important to follow post-op instructions to understand and learn how you must sleep depending on which cosmetic procedure you've had done Sleeping in the proper position will ensure you [...]

Best Sleeping Positions After Plastic Surgery2022-03-22T16:30:41-04:00

Arm Lift Vs Arm Lipo


Arm Lift Vs Arm Lipo Flabby arms are a big insecurity for many patients, especially for patients who have dedicated themselves to losing weight. And while it may be easy for patients to pinpoint what part of their body they want to fix, it's not easy deciding how to go [...]

Arm Lift Vs Arm Lipo2022-03-22T16:31:25-04:00


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