Best Sleeping Positions After Plastic Surgery

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A majority of your recovery post-plastic surgery will be spent napping and resting. However, it’s important to follow post-op instructions to understand and learn how you must sleep depending on which cosmetic procedure you’ve had done Sleeping in the proper position will ensure you are healing correctly, therefore achieving optimal results. It will also help prevent discomfort and further complications. Below are the recommended sleeping positions based on which cosmetic procedure you undergo.

Sleeping positions after breast procedure 

If you’ve undergone a breast procedure, whether augmentation, lift, or reduction, it’s crucial to avoid sleeping on your stomach or side for weeks post-op. Sleeping on your back will prevent any strain on your incisions which can lead to bleeding. This sleeping position will also help keep pressure off of the tender breast tissue. And if you’ve had a breast augmentation, sleeping on your side or stomach will force your new implants into an abnormal position or shape.

Sleeping positions after Tummy Tuck

After a Tummy Tuck, it’s best to sleep slightly bent at the waist. Sleeping flat on your back will cause strain on your incisions leading to complications. Sleeping on a recliner, if available, is easiest so you can stay slightly bent at the waist while also keeping your head and feet elevated. If you don’t have a recliner at your disposal, another good option is to have pillows under your knees and your head. There are also convenient pillows for this purpose specifically.

Sleeping positions after Brazilian Butt Lift

Sleeping after a BBL may be especially difficult as you cannot sit or lay on your buttocks for weeks after surgery. The best way to sleep after a BBL is on your stomach. This will prevent strain on your newly transferred fat cells. Practice sleeping in this position before your surgery to find the most comfortable spot for you if you’re not used to sleeping on your stomach. Some may recommend investing in a massage chair as they can make sleeping on your stomach more comfortable while also keeping your neck and back comfortable.

Sleeping positions after Facial Surgery 

When it comes to sleeping after facial surgery, it’s equally as important to sleep with your head elevated will minimize discomfort and swelling and prevent strain to the incision sites. Like a Tummy Tuck, sleeping on a recliner may be the easiest and most comfortable way to sleep in the correct position. If you don’t have access to a recliner, stack two to three pillows under your head to keep it elevated. Also, place pillows on either side of your head to keep it from rolling over in our sleep.

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