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What is an eyelid Lift?

Eyelid lift surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, is a popular and effective procedure that rejuvenates the eye area, creating a younger and more alert expression. It can also make the eyes look bigger. Performed on the upper lid, lower, lid, or both, an eyelid lift is often sought by both men and women for an assortment of reasons. An eyelid lift can correct the following issues:

  • A double eyelid
  • Puffy under-eye bags
  • Peripheral vision blocked by sagging lids
  • Damage to the eyelid caused by an injury, illness, or congenital issue
  • Difficulty applying eye makeup

Although not always the case, eyelid surgery is frequently paired with a brow lift.

About the Eyelid Lift Procedure

On the day of your surgery, your doctor will send you off to sleep using general anesthesia before getting to work. If he is working on your upper eyelid, he will make his incision along the natural crease or fold of your eyelid. He will remove any excess skin, muscle and fat as necessary and then close the incision using sutures, surgical tape, or adhesives.

If your surgeon is repairing your lower lid, he will make his incision either just below your lash line or just inside your eyelid. Through this incision he will remove or redistribute extra fat and muscle as well as any sagging skin. Again, he will close the incision using the method he feels is best.

Eyelid Lift/Blepharoplasty Recovery

Immediately after eyelid surgery, your doctor will apply a lubricating ointment to your eyes. This may cause your vision to be a bit blurry. This is perfectly normal and not a sign that something is wrong. You may also notice light sensitivity and double vision.

You will experience swelling and bruising around the eyes, and your incisions may itch as they heal. You’ll need to avoid rubbing your eyes even if they itch and avoid wearing contact lenses for at least 2 weeks.

Noticeable discomfort or swelling should subside within 48 hours, and we will prescribe pain medication to keep you comfortable. You’ll need to keep your head elevated as much as possible and may find ice packs can help reduce swelling and discomfort the night of and day after your surgery.

After one to two weeks, you can gradually resume normal activities like office work and light household chores. However, heavy lifting, exercise, and other strenuous activities need to be postponed for several more weeks.

You’ll begin to see the preliminary results from eyelid surgery in six to eight weeks, but your final results won’t appear until about six months after surgery.

Is an Eyelid Lift Permanent?

Cosmetic surgery performed on the lower eyelid is permanent. It is extremely rare for a patient to need future surgeries in this area. The upper eyelid can start to droop again, however. Upper eyelid surgeries can last a lifetime, but some patients see new changes to their eyelids 5 to 7 years after the procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are You The Right Candidate for an eyelid lift?

Candidates should be in excellent physical and mental health before undergoing eyelid surgery. Patients should also have realistic expectations about the end results of the procedure.

Pregnant women are not advised to undergo a blepharoplasty. You must not have had any recent cosmetic surgery done to your face or neck, as this may interfere with post-operative recovery. You should not be taking blood thinners, suffering from a blood disease or have an autoimmune disorder. Patients should also be able to take anesthesia without any allergic reactions.

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