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Dr. Kashyap – Plastic Surgeon At Mia Aesthetics

Clinic Location: Austin

Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Anil Kashyap, proudly serves as part of the Mia Aesthetics Austin, Texas team. Dr. Kashyap initially explored a career in research when he earned his master’s degree in Immunology. Thereafter, he received his doctorate in dental surgery, and then continued his training in head and neck reconstruction. Fascinated with the world of reconstruction, he continued his schooling and earned his medical degree, trained in general surgery, and then went on to become a plastic and reconstructive surgeon. His love of reconstruction took him to Johns Hopkins University where he completed a fellowship in reconstructive breast microsurgery in 2014. Dr. Kashyap’s diverse background and penchant for reconstructive work makes him an invaluable addition to Mia Aesthetics.

While he has accomplished an impressive list of feats throughout his diverse medical journey, Dr. Kashyap is best known for his work in reconstructive breast surgery for cancer patients. He is credited with completing the first ever lymphatic surgery in Oklahoma. Prior to joining the Mia Aesthetics team, Dr. Kashyap worked as an assistant professor at the University of Oklahoma, where he found tremendous joy in being able to inspire students to love surgery and choose it as a career.

In his free time, Dr. Kashyap likes to cook, ride his motorcycle, listen to EDM or binge on comedies like “Parks and Recreation” or sci-fi thrillers like “Stranger Things.” Dr. Kashyap loves the eclectic nature of Austin, Texas and city’s official slogan: “Keep Austin Weird.” He is excited to bring his talents to the tight-knit community Mia Aesthetics has built over the years. Dr. Kashyap believes in treating all patients equally, no matter their socioeconomic background, and only operates if he feels with confidence that he would do the same work to his own family member.

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