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What Is A Brow Lift?

Brow lift surgery elevates the brow, rejuvenating the face by eliminating sag and lines and restoring the face’s neutral expression. This procedure works well for patients with only early signs of aging and patients with moderate to severe brow aging. Brow lift surgery can even help alleviate poor vision, depending on the amount of brow sagging present. The techniques the surgeon uses will vary depending on the extent of the procedure and the patient’s wishes.

About The Brow Lift Procedure

There are several surgical techniques that can be used in a brow lift. The differences between each technique revolve primarily around incision placement. The anesthesia method used depends on the surgical approach, but most cosmetic procedures are done under general anesthesia.

Four possible surgical techniques that can be used during a brow lift:

  • Endoscopic: An endoscopic brow lift uses a tiny camera to improve surgeon visibility and allow for smaller incisions. Small (about 1-inch) incisions are made at the hairline, which allow the surgeon to work with various areas of the brow. This approach is subtle and best for patients with less advanced forehead aging.
  • Direct or Mid-Forehead: The incisions for these techniques are made just above the brows (direct) or within the furrows of the forehead (mid-forehead). This approach is rarer and used for patients with severe signs of aging.
  • Coronal: Also known as an open brow lift, this incision is placed at the hairline, behind the ear. The coronal approach is most often used for women with small foreheads, as the approach can lift the hairline.
  • Temporal: A more minimal approach, the temporal brow lift involves incisions at either side of the forehead and focuses on the outer third of the brow on either side.

No matter where the incisions are placed, the overall goals and techniques of a brow lift remain the same. The surgeon will smooth and tighten the skin, adjust the muscles for more youthful appearance, and make any other necessary changes before closing the incisions and putting bandages in place.

Brow Lift Recovery

After brow lift surgery, the patient’s forehead will be swollen and bruised. Patients should plan to take at least 10-14 days off of work for initial healing, or less for endoscopic procedures. During this time, patients should rest and keep the head elevated as much as possible. If necessary, the surgeon will schedule follow-up appointments to remove sutures.

Normal activities can be resumed gradually, but strenuous activity and exercise should be postponed for at least several weeks following the surgery. Surgeons will provide patients with detailed instructions on caring for the incisions to promote proper healing.

Schedule A Consultation

A consultation with a Mia Aesthetics surgeon is the first step in undergoing a brow lift. During your consultation, the surgeon will address any concerns and determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure.

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Ideal candidates for a brow lift are non-smokers, in general good health, and have sagging in the brows that affects the aesthetics of the face or vision. Prospective patients should have realistic expectations for the procedure and the discipline to follow all the surgeon’s instructions for pre- and post-operative care.