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A male BBL works the same way as a female BBL, although the end goal is slightly different. During a BBL, your surgeon will perform liposuction to remove excess fat from certain areas of your body. You and your surgical consultant will determine which parts of your body before your surgery so you know what to expect.

Once the surgeon harvests the donor fat, they will wash it, spin it, and purify it. They will then strategically inject it into your buttocks to form the desired appearance and shape. This is where the technical side of plastic surgery meets the art. Your surgeon will inject the fat into your buttocks as needed to create your desired shape and size.

Male BBL Before and After
Actual Mia Aesthetics Patient - Men's BBL Before and After
Male BBL Before and After

Mia Aesthetics Patient Case Study

This patient’s male BBL before and after results are a great example of the quality work our surgeons do on a daily basis.

All of our surgeons perform ultrasound guided BBLs to ensure maximum safety during the procedure and optimal results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Male BBL Results Look Natural?

Your BBL results will look and feel natural because they will be. Because a BBL uses your own natural body fat to enhance your buttocks, there is nothing fake or artificial about your results. There is no implant to create an odd feeling or move, ripple, sag, or otherwise cause an issue. Your fat cells will simply establish a new blood supply in your buttocks and live there for the remainder of their existence. The few fat cells that fail to establish a new blood supply will die and be reabsorbed by your body.

The only caveat to this is the skill of your surgeon. The surgeons at Mia Aesthetics have experience performing BBLs and understand the difference between a male and female BBL. So long as you go with a qualified surgeon who understands exactly where and how to place the fat during a male BBL, you’ll have a perfectly natural look after healing from your surgery.

Can the Male BBL Give a More Hourglass Figure?

Yes, if that is the desired result. Your surgeon can exert a great deal of control over your new body contours. If you desire an hourglass figure, your surgeon can work toward that shape for you. They will likely use a combination of techniques to achieve this shape, creating it through both the liposuction and fat grafting portions of your procedure.

That said, it is typical of most men to prefer a more square, masculine shape. If you want more of an hourglass shape, you can discuss that with your surgeon, but don’t avoid a BBL out of fear that it will give you a more feminine shape. Your surgeon will give you the shape you want.

Are Male BBL Results Permanent?

A BBL is considered a permanent surgery, but it’s not quite that simple. BBLs can last for decades, but only when properly cared for. The fat cells injected into the buttocks are living things and need proper care to thrive. The first part of achieving lasting results is to follow your surgeon’s post-op care meticulously. Your newly transferred cells need time to develop a new blood supply and establish themselves in your buttocks. Both sitting and smoking can slow this process and cause the fat cells to die rather than take hold.

After your recovery period ends, it’s important that you eat a healthy diet and maintain a consistent weight. If you lose a significant amount of weight, the fat cells injected into your buttocks will become smaller, altering the shape and volume of your BBL. Gain too much and the fat cells will expand, distorting the shape of your BBL. Gaining weight can also build up fat throughout your body, potentially changing the ratio of your buttocks to the rest of your body and creating a disproportionate look.

You must also understand that your surgeon can’t simply stop the aging process. Some drooping and sagging can occur as you age. Although considered permanent, it may be best to describe a BBL as semi-permanent.

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