How Ultrasound Guided BBLs Work & What Makes Them Safer

Doctors and scientists are always looking for ways to make surgical procedures safer, and emerging technologies and new techniques can often help do just that. One such plastic surgery procedure that has recently been made even safer by the addition of technology is the Brazilian butt lift, affectionately known as the BBL. Already deemed far safer than butt implants, the BBL uses a patient’s own body fat to reshape and enhance the buttocks. Guiding the procedure with ultrasound has made it even safer, helping doctors place the fat exactly where they want it to avoid potential complications.

What is a Traditional BBL?

During a traditional BBL, doctors use liposuction to remove unwanted fat in various parts of the body, including the stomach, flanks, and thighs. The surgeon can remove fat from almost anywhere you have it but don’t want it. The surgical team saves this removed fat rather than disposing of it. It is then processed and cleaned.

After processing, the surgeon selects the healthiest and most viable fat cells and loads them into a syringe. Using this syringe, she will inject the fat cells into the buttocks, carefully choosing where and how much to inject to create the desired shape and projection in the rear end.

How Does an Ultrasound Guided BBL Work?

Surgeons perform ultrasound guided BBLs in very much the same way. The difference is that the doctor will use an ultrasound machine to view the buttocks while he is injecting the fat. This allows him to visualize exactly where the fat is going and allows for better control over its placement.

What Makes an Ultrasound Guided BBL Better and Safer?

In order to understand why an ultrasound guided BBL is safer, you must first understand the potential complications of a traditional BBL. When performing a BBL, doctors aim to inject donor fat into the space between the buttock muscles and the skin. Sometimes, however, fat is accidentally injected too deeply, which places it inside the muscle. When this happens a fat embolism can occur.

A fat embolism is a piece of fat that finds its way into a blood vessel. As it travels through the vessel it can become stuck, causing a blockage. Fat embolisms are medical emergencies and can be fatal, particularly if the embolism makes its way to the lungs or other vital organs.

During an ultrasound guided BBL, the surgeon can see exactly where she is placing the needle. This visual confirmation is one more way that she can verify she is not injecting the fat into the muscle but into the surrounding space where it belongs. The end result is a safer surgery.

What is Recovery Like After an Ultrasound Guided BBL?

An ultrasound machine creates images by sending sound waves into the body. The procedure is not at all invasive or painful, so it has no impact on BBL recovery. You will have to clean and care for the incisions at the liposuction sites where your doctor harvested your donor fat. If these incisions have drains in them, your doctor will remove them for you in about a week. You will also need to wear a compression garment to reduce swelling and fluid buildup at the incision sites and to help your body adjust to its new contours.

Your buttocks may be a bit tender after surgery, but this typically subsides in about 48 hours. The biggest challenge you will face during your recovery is the inability to sit for 3 to 4 weeks after surgery. You will want to limit your sitting as much as possible. When you do sit, you will need to use a special BBL pillow that will take the weight and strain off of your buttocks so as not to disturb your newly transferred fat cells.

Naturally, your surgeon will prescribe pain medication to keep you comfortable after the procedure. He will also ask you to rest and limit your movement and exercise. Most patients can return to work in about 2 weeks, but some need more recovery time.

How Long Will Results Last?

The results of a BBL are considered permanent, but that doesn’t mean the look or shape of your buttocks won’t change at all. It’s important to understand that the fat cells in your body, including the ones that establish themselves in your buttocks, will expand and contract as you gain or lose weight. Preserving your BBL results means maintaining a fairly steady weight over time. You will likely see a shift in your BBL results if your weight changes significantly.

Remember too that plastic surgeons can’t stop time or gravity from doing their work. Although your buttocks should remain fairly consistent, a bit of sagging as you approach your golden years is possible. Some patients never notice this, but others do report seeing a slight change as the years tick by.

Does Mia Aesthetics Offer Ultrasound Guided BBLs?

If you’re interested in an ultrasound guided BBL Mia Aesthetics is happy to help. To ensure superior patient safety, we perform ultrasound guided BBLs exclusively at all of our plastic surgery clinics. We will be happy to help you find financing for and schedule the procedure after a free virtual consultation with one of our surgical coordinators.

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