Exercise After Plastic Surgery

While it’s normal to want to return to regular everyday activities after plastic surgery, such as exercising, it’s important to give your body enough to rest to heal properly. After your surgical procedure, you may feel motivated to maintain your appearance through dieting and exercising but not waiting long enough can hinder your results. Although rigorous exercising too soon after plastic surgery is not a good idea, it is recommended to do some light walking and slowly work your way up as there are some benefits.

For all cosmetic procedures, it’s crucial to not be active for the first 48 hours. Returning to strenuous workouts should be done in stages to ensure no results are compromised. It may take 1-2 weeks for your energy levels to go back to normal, depending on the type of surgery that was performed. After about two weeks you can start some light cardio activities such as walking on a low setting on the treadmill or cycling slowly on a stationary bike. You do not want to elevate the heart rate but keep blood circulation flowing.

Exercise after Breast Surgery

Breast implants are typically placed under the pectoral muscle, therefore overusing your chest muscles after surgery is forbidden. The muscles need to fully heal before doing any resistance training and overstressing it. This means no lifting, pulling, and pushing anything heavier than 10 pounds. This also includes car doors and heavy purses. Patients will need to avoid pull-ups, push-ups, and any Pilates or yoga moves that require the balancing of the arms. Any exercises, including swinging the arms, such as swinging a golf club or tennis racquet, also need to be avoided to ensure a successful recovery.

Exercise after Body Surgery

When it comes to exercising again after bodily plastic surgery, it depends on which procedure you’ve had done. With a Liposuction procedure, you may begin light cardio at two weeks and resume heavier exercise and lifting. The case is different for a Tummy Tuck procedure as it is more extensive and requires a more extended recovery period because muscle recovery is involved. Unfortunately, most exercises rely on core muscles; therefore, patients must wait at least four weeks before starting light cardio. After a few weeks of light cardio, it might take six to eight weeks before any core exercises like crunches may be performed.

Exercise after Facial Rejuvenation

After a facial rejuvenation, physical activities must be stopped for at least four weeks as they can increase their heart rate and/ or blood pressure. Procedures involving operating beneath the skin of the face, brow, or eyelids as there are hundreds of tiny blood vessels that can easily bleed if there is a slight increase in blood pressure. It’s crucial to avoid strenuous workouts for two weeks and slowly work your way up to prevent serious complications. Most patients can return to most exercises like yoga, hiking, and golf after six weeks.

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