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We are overjoyed to bring you Mia Aesthetics Atlanta. With an energetic metro and the benefits of nightlife, things to do, cultural dining and job prospects that large cities have, but it is also nothing like some other major US cities because it is very affordable. The Atlanta clinic will have you feeling that Hollywood lifestyle without paying the Hollywood price. Our Mia Aesthetics’ surgeons have an outstanding track record, with over 70,000 fulfilled patients. Mia Aesthetics will guide patients from the first step of an instant online consultation all the way to post-operative care, making gorgeous plastic surgery an achievable dream for anyone and everyone.

BBL Under $6,000 in Atlanta, GA

While we believe having the body you deserve is priceless, we realize it’s practical to acknowledge that high-quality plastic surgery can be pricey. We’re proud to offer straightforward, reasonable pricing for Brazilian butt lift (BBL) procedures at our Atlanta location. Our BBL surgeries start at $5,650. Our surgeons are masters of their craft and have several years of experience performing these life-changing surgeries.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) in Atlanta

Technically known as an abdominoplasty, a tummy tuck can smooth your stomach and create a more tight and toned appearance. Whatever your reason for wanting a tummy tuck in Atlanta, we can help. Whetheryou’reseekingto reshape your body after a pregnancy or weight loss, or if you are simply an unwillingvictim of the aging process, we can help you get your tummy bikini-ready and pride ourselves on offering affordable plastic surgery options.

The Full Tummy Tuck Vs. The Mini Tummy Tuck

When most people think about a tummy tuck, it’s the full tummy tuck procedure that comes to mind. A full tummy tuck achieves a toned, tight look by making an incision from hip to hip and removing excess fat and skin around your belly button. Your surgeon will strengthen the muscles in your abdominal wall if necessary and then pull your remaining skin taut over the area.

Some women find that they have excessive fat or sagging only below their navel, often referred to as a “pooch.” In this case, you may be able to opt for a mini tummy tuck. This procedure accomplishes much the same thing as a full tummy tuck but does so over a smaller area of your body. The incision is somewhat smaller, but a skilled surgeon will make sure your incision is low enough to hide behind a bikini bottom no matter which procedure you choose.

Liposuction and Lipo 360 in Atlanta

Are you happy with your weight but not your shape? If so, liposuction may be the answer you’re searching for. Liposuction refers to the practice of removing fat from specific areas of the body such as your thighs, arms, or abdomen. Lipo 360 is a more comprehensive procedure in which your doctor will remove fat from multiple areas, usually around the stomach, hips, waist, and lower back. As its name suggests, lipo 360 in Atlanta shapes and sculpts the midsection of your body all the way around.

It is important to note that, although sometimes a welcome side effect of the procedure, liposuction is not intended as a weight loss tool. This surgical approach removes stubborn pockets of fat that resist a healthy diet and exercise regimen. It is not, however, intended to replace a healthy lifestyle and typically does not remove enough fat to result in significant weight loss.

Liposuction Vs. Tummy Tuck Surgeries in Atlanta

Both liposuction and a tummy tuck can greatly improve the look of your abdomen, which can make it difficult to choose between the two. Liposuction removes pockets of excess fat. A tummy tuck, however, removes excess fat as well as sagging skin. A tummy tuck is usually performed after a pregnancy or significant weight loss to remove stretched skin that refuses to go back to its former shape.

Because it is a more involved procedure, a tummy tuck in Atlanta does cost more than liposuction or lipo 360. It also involves a longer healing time. The typical recovery time after a liposuction procedure is about 5 to 7 days while a tummy tuck requires 2 to 3 weeks.

Note that if you’re considering plastic surgery in Atlanta, Mia Aesthetics wants you to have the procedure you need — so don’t let the higher cost of a tummy tuck frighten you. We make it our mission to make our surgeries affordable so our patients can get the look they want without breaking the bank or sacrificing the quality of care they receive. We offer financing options that make it easier to cover the cost of a tummy tuck in Atlanta.

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