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Experts in Surgical Body Contouring

We pride ourselves on being experts in body contouring, which is sometimes called body sculpting. We provide exceptional care and transformative results for our patients. Our dedication to excellence is rooted in our extensive experience, advanced techniques, and personalized approach to every procedure.

Our plastic surgeons are heavily involved in body contouring surgeries daily, specializing in fat removal, fat transfer, and excess skin removal in all parts of the body. We stay at the forefront of the latest advancements in body contouring technology and techniques. Our locations utilize state-of-the-art equipment, and our goal is always to help you safely achieve natural-looking results that enhance your confidence and well-being.

Benefits of Surgical Body Contouring

Although we understand that some patients prefer nonsurgical body contouring methods, we offer surgery because we firmly believe that it is usually the best option. Nonsurgical methods often require multiple treatment sessions, making them time-consuming and expensive. Surgical body contouring gives your surgeon more control over your body sculpting results and allows you to complete your transformation in a single session.

Surgical body contouring also provides permanent results. Your surgeon can’t stop the aging process completely, but if you commit to a healthy lifestyle and maintain a steady weight, your surgical results can be permanent. They can also be natural. Fat transfer procedures allow us to take fat you don’t want and put it where you need it to create your desired body shape. This means we can give you the silhouette you’re looking for without resorting to artificial implants.

If you want a body contouring procedure but are afraid of general anesthesia’s potential complications, be aware that we can perform some of our body sculpting surgeries without it. We use a local anesthetic for these procedures to keep you comfortable but awake, taking general anesthesia out of the equation.

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