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Affordable Plastic Surgery in Chicago

Discover Mia Aesthetics’ prestigious location in Chicago, Illinois – the iconic Windy City renowned for its architectural splendor and rich culture. And now thanks to Mia Aesthetics, those in the Midwest will have an opportunity to achieve the beauty of their dreams. We have an amazing staff of highly skilled plastic surgeons with decades of experience and a plethora of satisfied patients. Mia Aesthetics guides patients from the first step of an instant online consultation all the way to post-operative care, making gorgeous plastic surgery an achievable dream for anyone and everyone.

State of the Art Facilities

The Mia clinic in Chicago is a state-of-the-art facility with sophisticated medical technology, all while complying with CDC safety and health guidelines to ensure a safe and wonderful surgical experience. Our highly trained medical staff of anesthesiologists, medical assistants, nurses and other health professionals will make sure your time with us will be an experience unlike any other, from the moment you walk in till the end of your transformation. You will feel cared for, safe and beautiful.

Chicago Plastic Surgery at Affordable Prices

You may come for the dazzling architecture and delicious deep-dish pizza, but we hope you’ll stay in Chicago long enough to take advantage of our affordable cosmetic surgery options. Conveniently located in the North Center neighborhood, the Mia Aesthetics office is close to Naperville, one of the nation’s wealthiest and safest cities, and Aurora, which boasts thrilling casino gaming and an acclaimed theater scene. We’re also a mere 4 miles from the area’s beautiful Riverwalk and Skydeck, and 8 miles from Chicago’s Magnificent Mile.

We’re proud to offer affordable plastic surgery in Chicago, where city life meets Midwestern charm. Whether you’re traveling to the area to see us or call yourself a local, we want you to have enough money left in your budget after surgery to enjoy some of what the area has to offer. That’s why we focus on keeping our Chicago plastic surgery options reasonably priced.

How do we do that? By utilizing a business model that lets our surgeons focus on surgery rather than other tasks. Our knowledgeable, friendly support staff will take care of you right up until your surgery, answering your questions, explaining financing options, gathering your pre-operative bloodwork and paperwork, and helping you prepare for your surgery. This allows our surgeons to focus on what they do best and creates a more efficient surgical care system. Don’t worry though: you will meet with your doctor before your procedure and have access to him whenever your care requires it.

Chicago BBL Specialists with Hundreds of Five Star Google Reviews

Chicago loves Mia Aesthetics, and we love this amazing city right back. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out our hundreds of five-star Google reviews and see for yourself what our patients have to say. We’re happy that our patients are happy, especially several who have taken advantage of our Chicago BBL specials.

Given the popularity and ubiquity of the procedure, you likely already understand the basics of a Brazilian butt lift. During this surgery, your doctor will use liposuction to remove fat from places where you don’t want it and reinsert it into your buttocks where you do, giving you a firm, well-rounded, and more perfectly proportioned backside. The procedure is safer than butt implants since it uses your own fat rather than implanting anything artificial into your body, and it provides the added bonus of trimming down fat donor sites.

Scarring Questions

While many people are familiar with the basics of the BBL, several have concerns about scarring. The fat reinserted into your body isn’t just tucked into one spot. It is instead positioned in several different areas to achieve the desired shape and contour. This leads to concerns about multiple incisions that may lead to multiple scars.

The good news is that the only incisions left behind by a BBL in Chicago are those made at the donor sites where fat is removed from the body. Typically, these incisions span only 2 to 3 millimeters and get hidden in the contours of your body. In a few months they often fade so completely that patients have trouble finding them to point them out.

As for your buttocks themselves, there are no incisions to worry about. Your surgeon will purify the fat he removes from your liposuction donor sites and then replace it into your buttocks precisely where he wants it using a small syringe much like those used to administer vaccines. You’ll be left free of any marks on your gorgeous new backside.

Trusted Tummy Tuck Surgery Specialists in Chicago

Losing a large amount of weight is an achievement to celebrate. Unfortunately, being left with a sagging pouch of skin around your midsection can dampen the pride you feel in your achievement and cause discomfort that can hamper your enthusiasm. An abdominoplasty can fix this issue and others, including the gap frequently left in the stomach muscles after pregnancy.

More commonly known as a tummy tuck or a full tummy tuck, this procedure can remove unwanted abdominal skin and fat, leaving you with a more svelte appearance. During your tummy tuck in Chicago, your surgeon will also be able to repair any defects in the abdominal muscles that may prevent you from firming, toning, and ultimately flattening your belly. A tummy tuck can provide excellent results but is a fairly major surgery. Expect to devote at least two weeks to recovery exclusively and avoid exercise for 6 weeks.

Although the cost of a tummy tuck in Chicago starts at a reasonable $6,150, some patients hope to minimize the cost and recovery time associated with a full tummy tuck, instead pursuing a mini tummy tuck. During a mini tummy tuck, the doctor makes an incision low on the abdomen just as he would during a full tummy tuck, but the incision is shorter. This smaller incision allows your surgeon to remove excess fat and tissue to tighten and firm the area below your navel. A min tummy tuck is a great option if you have a “pooch” or all of your issues exist below your belly button. The smaller incision of a mini tummy tuck limits the amount of abdominal muscle repair your doctor can achieve, however, so it won’t fix any problems higher than your navel.

Liposuction Vs. A Tummy Tuck

No one wants to have a bigger surgery than they need, which leads many patients to wonder whether they need a full-blown tummy tuck or can get away with liposuction instead. This, of course, depends on the person. If you have a little excess or stubborn fat that just won’t go away, liposuction can often remove the issue and leave you looking more sculpted. But liposuction can’t remove excess skin or repair damage to the abdominal muscles. If you’re not sure which procedure is right for you, you can trust our knowledgeable consultants to guide you during your free virtual consultation.

Liposuction and Lipo 360 in Chicago

Not just for the ladies, liposuction in Chicago is quite popular. Both men and women regularly undergo and benefit from this procedure, during which unwanted fat can be removed from various parts of the body. When feasible, men frequently undergo the procedure to reverse gynecomastia, also known quite unkindly as “man boobs.” Men too, however, have fat removed from other unwanted areas such as their love handles.

When people think about liposuction, they often think about lipo 360. This procedure is actually a combination of several small surgeries during which fat is removed from the middle areas of the torso, including around the abdomen, flanks, hips, and lower back. The end result is a toned abdominal area that looks great from every angle rather than just a flat stomach.

Liposuction is an option all over the body, including in your:

  • Calves
  • Ankles
  • Neck
  • Arms
  • Thighs
  • Chin
  • Back

The great thing about this procedure is that the fat removed from your body during a Chicago liposuction need not go to waste. You can have your doctor remove fat from places where you feel you have a little extra and have him redistribute it to areas where you feel you could use a little more. This is a similar to what happens during a BBL. Your buttocks are not, however the only places in your body where harvested fat can go. Your face, breasts, hands, and other areas of your body can also benefit from a fat transfer.

Mommy Makeover in Chicago – Plastic Surgery for Moms

It’s no secret that although Chicago is bitterly cold in the winter, the city absolutely comes alive in the summer. But if you had a baby over the winter, you may feel tempted to stay covered up and indoors come spring so you can hide the effects pregnancy had on your body. We think a Chicago mommy makeover is a better option.

Not just for moms, a mommy makeover is generally a single surgery that includes a tummy tuck as well as a breast augmentation or a breast lift, depending on the individual’s needs and desires. The service is one we can highly personalize, adding vaginal rejuvenation, liposuction, and correcting any other body changes you wish to address.

The Unwritten Mommy Makeover Rules

As flexible as a mommy makeover in Chicago can be, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind. It’s best, for example, if you wait to have your mommy makeover until you feel you are done growing your family. You can absolutely get pregnant and safely carry a baby after a mommy makeover, so you need not worry if life takes an unexpected twist after your surgery. Another pregnancy will alter your body again and change the look of your mommy makeover results though. If possible, avoiding pregnancy after your makeover will help you protect your investment.

Don’t plan on having your mommy makeover too soon after welcoming your new bundle of joy, either. It took time for your pregnancy to change your body, and it will take time for your body to come back from the experience. It’s true that some things may never naturally return to their previous state, but others might, so wait a solid 6 months or more after delivering to schedule your procedure.

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