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Dr. Fasusi – Plastic Surgeon At Mia Aesthetics

Clinic Location: Atlanta

Dr. Fasusi is a California trained plastic surgeon whom completed his plastic surgery training at the University of California Davis. Prior to this Dr. Fasusi completed his general surgery residency at the Medical College of Georgia. After nine years of surgical training Dr. Fasusi is taking his talents to Atlanta, where the eclectic culture and fast-paced lifestyle create the perfect destination for work and play.

One of his proudest accomplishments includes working on the board of “support our smiles”; an non-profit organization that performs mission work to improve the lives of children with a variety of reconstructive needs in Peru.

Dr. Fasusi was drawn to the field of plastic surgery because of the wide range and scope of work available to surgeons. Between reconstructive surgery, hand and facial surgery, burn plastic surgery, and cosmetic work, Dr. Fasusi feels he is in a field that will serve him for many years to come.

Outside of his profession, Dr. Fasusi enjoys art and painting. In fact, the artistic element of plastic surgery is part of what drew him to the field. Dr. Fasusi is known for his witty banter and charismatic personality. On Sundays you can find him doing any number of outdoor activities, including spending time with family and “playing terrible golf”.

Dr. Fasusi is excited to begin working with the esteemed surgeons at Mia Aesthetics. He believes that here at Mia Aesthetics, we do a better job than other clinics in becoming patient advocates; providing patients with thorough information on what they can expect ahead of, during, and after surgery.

His philosophy as a plastic surgeon is to treat every patient like family – that means being 100 percent honest with patients about what procedures will suit their body type best and what their results will look like. Dr. Fasusi takes a lot of pride in his work, and wants to ensure his patients feel confident and comfortable going into surgery with him knowing he will not steer them wrong.

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