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Mia Aesthetics just moved into its third city: the bustling and booming Las Vegas! Known as The Gambling Capital of the World and The Entertainment Capital of the World, patients can enjoy all that the city is known for before undergoing the transformation of their dreams. West Coast patients can now have their plastic surgery done from a location that is closer to him.

Mia Aesthetics’ new Las Vegas location will continue bringing the brand’s vision to life: the idea that being beautiful and saving money are two realities that can exist simultaneously. With a growing, top-tier staff of highly experienced plastic surgeons and over 15,000 satisfied patients, Mia Aesthetics guides patients from the first step of an instant online consultation all the way to post-operative care, making gorgeous plastic surgery an achievable dream for anyone and everyone.

The Las Vegas clinic continues Mia’s tradition of providing a sleek and modern atmosphere for patients to feel comfortable ahead of their procedures. Aside from its sleek exterior, the clinic also utilizes the most advanced in medical technology to make your surgical experience as positive, seamless, and safe as possible. Aiding our esteemed plastic surgeons is a highly trained medical staff of anesthesiologists, medical assistants, nurses and other health professionals. From the start of your visit with us until the moment you walk out in your new dream body, you will feel comfortable, taken care of and beautiful.

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