Mommy Makeover Before & After

Whether your body just never fully recovered from pregnancy or your hectic life prevents you from focusing on a diet and exercise program, there may be parts of your body you want to improve. A mommy makeover is the perfect way to address all of your problem areas at once, even if you’re not a mommy. This fully customizable surgery allows you to combine a tummy tuck, liposuction, breast enhancement, breast lift, or breast reduction all into one procedure to minimize your recovery time.

How long do mommy makeover results last?

How long your mommy makeover results last depends on what procedures you choose to undergo. So long as you maintain a relatively stable weight, the results of tummy tuck and liposuction procedures can last indefinitely. Although some women are able to go much longer, breast implants and lifts generally last for about 10 years. Many women, however, can keep their implants in much longer and never feel the need to revise or update a breast lift surgery.

Because your surgeon can’t turn off gravity, your breasts could start to sag a few years after a breast reduction surgery. This is generally mild, however, and far less significant than it would be without a breast reduction.

What is the best age for a mommy makeover?

The best age for a mommy makeover is whatever age you find yourself at when you are done having children. While there is no correct or proper age, most women opting for a mommy makeover are between 30 and 50. More important than age is to make sure you don’t want any more babies and wait 6 to 12 months after giving birth or breastfeeding to have the procedure. Future pregnancies after a mommy makeover are safe but can quickly undo the results of your surgery.

How much weight is typically lost with a mommy makeover?

Most women lose only about 5 to 7 pounds during a mommy makeover, if that. Neither liposuction nor tummy tucks are considered weight loss procedures. Although they do remove excess fat, there is a limit to the amount that your surgeon can safely remove during any given surgery. The goal of each procedure is to create a more pleasing silhouette and body contour — not to lose weight.

What factors influence the cost of a mommy makeover?

As is true of all plastic surgeries, both the location and the surgeon you choose will impact the price you pay. The surgeries you choose to combine into your mommy makeover will also impact the cost as will the specifics that your surgeon needs to address to get you where you want to be. Every body is different, which means every surgery is different. At Mia Aesthetics, we never take a one-size-fits-all approach to surgery. We will assess your individual needs and quote you a price based on your unique wants and desires.

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