5 Easy Ways to Save up for the Breast Augmentation of your Dreams

You’ve thought about it, done your research, and finally made the decision: you are going to undergo a breast augmentation. Congratulations!

Making the decision to undergo a major cosmetic procedure is the first step in achieving the body of your dreams. Furthermore, plastic surgery can often increase your confidence and improve your outlook on life. While Mia Aesthetics prides itself in offering high-quality, personalized and affordable plastic surgery, undergoing a breast augmentation is still a financial commitment.

If the cost of a breast augmentation is a little out of reach for you, here are five easy ways to save up.

1. Try the 7-Day Rule for Impulse Spending
Firstly, if you’re a person who frequently buys things impulsively, try the seven-day rule. The rule forces you to mull over any purchases you would normally make without thinking. When you are about to purchase something, pause and give yourself seven days to decide if you really want it.

If after seven days you still want the item, go ahead and buy it. But chances are, after seven days to think, the appeal will have gone away for many of your almost-purchases.

This method of being mindful about your spending will save you a lot of money over time, getting you one step closer to your dream breast augmentation.

2. Create a Savings Account at a Separate Bank
A savings account is always a good idea. The problem with creating one at the same bank as your checking account? The allure to easily transfer money back into your checking account is always there. To save more effectively, consider creating a savings account as a separate bank.

This way, you will not be as tempted to make transfers. You will be surprised at how quickly your money will add up over time, bringing you one step closer to the plastic surgery you desire.

3. Make your own Gifts
For birthdays or holidays, consider making your own gifts instead of buying them. Home-baked goods, paintings, mosaic pieces or even home-made jewelry are all great alternatives to store-bought gifts, which can quickly burn a hole in your bank account and take away from funds you could be putting toward your cosmetic surgery.

4. Stop Collecting and Start Selling
If you find that you continuously buy clothing and are losing space in your closet, try selling some of your gently used items to a consignment store. Some of your pieces may be worth more than you think!

Even better – you will be creating space in your closet for new pieces for your new post-surgery aesthetic.

5. Become your own 5-Star Chef
Instead of spending money on expensive dinners, read up on a few easy recipes and become your own 5-star chef! Buying ingredients at your local grocery store is much more economic than going out to eat. Getting into the habit of preparing your own meals will also teach you a new skill and bring you that much closer to your plastic surgery fund goal.

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