How to Make Square Buttocks More Round

Round, shapely buttocks – every woman (and man!) wants them. However, not everyone is naturally endowed with this.

Some people are naturally born with more square shaped buttocks. Square shapes fall a little on the bottom and hold excess volume up top. While every body is uniquely beautiful, many people with this shape ask us how they can achieve a rounder, more circular bottom.

One surefire way to make square buttocks more round is by undergoing a Brazilian butt lift (BBL). The fat grafting procedure removes excess fat from the waist, tummy and back, and inserts it into the buttocks, creating an appealing hourglass shape.

But for those not immediately interested in undergoing a BBL, what other methods exist for making square buttocks appear rounder? Below read up on three easy ways to make square buttocks rounder.

1. Work on your Waist with Lunges
In addition to doing exercises that focus on your glutes, those with square buttocks should focus on areas that target their waists. Trimming down the waist area will naturally create a rounder, fuller looking bottom. A great exercise to do for this is the lunge with an added pelvic rotation. Other than hitting your butt, these will target your waist, abs, obliques, and lower back as well.

2. Booty Busting Side-Leg Lifts
Side leg lifts are a strength training exercise that targets the anterior hip flexors as well as the abdominal muscles. To do this exercise, lie on your side with your bottom leg bent and your head resting on your ear. As you lift and lower your leg with control, keep your top leg extended and facing forward. Don’t allow your leg to come down completely and rest on your lower leg at the bottom of the movement. Do 16 reps, and then pulse your leg a few inches off the ground for another 16 reps. As an extra challenge, try placing a booty band around your legs for some added resistance training!

As we discussed in our last post, squats can’t make your butt any larger, but they can certainly help tone it up and add some overall shapeliness. For an added challenge, try doing squats with a lateral raise: Stand tall with feet resting parallel and hip-width apart, and then lower into a deep squat. While squatting, send your hips back toward the ground behind you. As you return to the top, lift your leg out to the side with a flexed foot. Repeat 16 times on one leg, and then switch to complete both side-leg exercises on the other leg.

These simple exercises, either added to a BBL procedure or incorporated into your routine without surgery, can help transform square buttocks into a rounder, more feminine shape. Try these exercises daily or every other day for a sleek, toned physique!