How Can I Take Care of my BBL?

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The Brazilian butt lift, otherwise known as the BBL for short, has become one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures of the past five years. Teeny tiny waists and curvy bottoms are in, which has prompted many women (And men!) to seek out the procedure.

Each of the plastic surgeons at Mia Aesthetics specializes in the Brazilian butt lift, making the clinic a great choice for patients seeking a personalized, gorgeous looking BBL at an affordable price. But before committing to a major plastic surgery procedure like a BBL, patients should make sure to do their research and learn about all the ins and outs of the procedure.

Below is a list of ways you can make sure to properly take care of your BBL, ensuring the best results and smoothest recovery time possible:

1. Understand What Will Take Place During Your Procedure
A major part of any successful plastic surgery is simply being aware of what your surgery entails. Being informed will make you calmer throughout the entire process, which will typically results in a smoother recovery and better mindset throughout. The Brazilian butt lift is usually performed as an outpatient surgery under IV sedation or general anesthesia. The first step in the procedure is the extraction of fat from one or more donor areas. These areas may include the stomach, hips or thighs, and will depend on the amount of fat needed and the distribution of fat throughout the body. Liposuction is performed through small incisions, removing excess fat from the donor areas to ensure there is enough fat for grafting. Once the fat is retrieved, it is washed, spun, and purified to isolate the most viable cells for transfer. About 25 percent of cells will be healthy enough to reuse. The prepared fat is then injected into the buttock area, carefully shaping, lifting and augmenting the area according to the patient’s wishes.

2. Thoroughly Read Your Pre-op and Post-op Instructions
Your pre-op and post-op instructions are the Holy Grail to you achieving favorable, long-lasting results from your Brazilian butt lift. Your pre-op instructions give you detailed instructions on how to care for your body before surgery. Important tips like avoiding smoking before surgery and making sure you are as close as possible to your ideal weight before surgery are listed on here. Likewise, your post-op instructions will give you plenty of information on what you can and cannot do during your recovery. For example, sitting or laying on your backside should be eliminated as much as possible for the first couple months after surgery, as doing so may change the shape of your BBL. Here at Mia, we are always available to answer any questions, but reading all given materials ahead of surgery will give you most of the answers and guidance you need!

3. Get Lymphatic Massages
For certain procedures, surgeons recommend getting a series of lymphatic massages during your recovery time to improve your results. Liposuction, or any other fat transfer procedure, is the best type of procedure to use this type of massage for.

The liposuction that takes place during a BBL usually creates pooling of excess lymphatic fluids, which results in undesired swelling. Lymphatic massage helps maintain the body’s fluid balance, blood circulation, and immune mechanisms. During a lymph drainage massage, a specially trained massage therapist uses a series of gliding, compressing, stretching, and cupping motions over the patient’s body. The light rhythmic movements, applied without massage oil, stimulate the lymphatic system without compressing the vessels – allowing lymph to move easily through the tissues and lymph nodes. By reducing swelling and filtering out unneeded toxins and wastes from the body, you can reduce your overall pain and recovery time.

4. Book a Place to Stay and Enlist the Help of a Caregiver or Nanny
The months and weeks before your surgery is when you should arrange all the details for your recovery. If you will be traveling for your plastic surgery, the first thing you need to arrange is a place to stay. You can choose to stay at a hotel or Airbnb if you will have a companion with you throughout your stay. Alternatively, you can choose to stay at a recovery house with other women who are in surgery recovery.

Most surgeons recommend bringing a loved one or close family member along with you for your surgery. There is nothing like having someone who cares about you and loves you deeply by your side during recovery. The support and comfort of a loved one is unmatched and can help you stay calm and comfortable during recovery. If you have small children, you will also need to enlist the help of a nanny, babysitter, or a relative to help with childcare during your recovery. Soreness from your procedure will prevent you from being able to pick up your child or bend down to the ground.

5. Drink Lots of Liquids and Eat Healthy
Drinking an abundance of fluids is necessary after surgery. Dehydration is one of the most common reasons for hospital readmission after surgery. Drinking at least 64 ounces of water a day during recovery is recommended. Many patients also opt to drink sports drinks such as Gatorade or Powerade for added electrolytes.

When it comes to foods, whole foods, rather than processed foods, are excellent to eat during surgery recovery. For example, an orange would be a whole food. Orange juice, though, would be a more processed version of that food. A baked potato is a whole food, while a French fry is more processed and less healthy, having been fried. Chicken breast is better than chicken nuggets, onions are better than onion rings, etc. Aim to obtain most of your nutrition from these whole foods, which is actually a healthy way to eat every day, not just the weeks following surgery. Try to also consume foods that are high in fiber and low in sodium.

6. Wear Your Compression Garment
You will be asked to purchase a set of garments that will help shape your body during recovery. Make sure to wear these garments as directed to ensure that your results are not compromised. The garment also helps to minimize swelling, decrease discomfort and help the skin retract.

7. Take Pain Meds as Directed
You will likely experience moderate pain after your procedure. The best way to prepare for this is to do your research beforehand and take any pain medications as directed.

8. Keep a Positive Mindset
Lastly, and possibly most importantly, keeping a positive mindset going into surgery and your recovery will help make your BBL results as wonderful as possible. Mindset is everything when going into surgery. By mentally preparing yourself for what to expect and understanding you will have some tough days during recovery, you will be well equipped to handle everything the procedure entails.

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