How to Make Sure you are in Good Health Before Surgery

Today, plastic surgery is very advanced, allowing for patients to be in and out of surgery more quickly and allowing for a smoother recovery process. Despite various technological advancements and the elite training of our plastic surgeons, being in good health ahead of surgery is still the best way to ensure the best results and smoothest surgery possible.

In order to get approved for surgery at Mia Aesthetics, you must meet certain health markers. Below, we go over ways to make sure you are in good health before surgery:

Be Close to your Ideal Weight
Before plastic surgery, you will want to be as close as possible to your ideal weight. Not only does this make surgery easier and safer, but it will make your results appear more noticeable and desirable. Being very overweight does not necessarily mean you cannot have plastic surgery, but it will make your results appear less ideal. Make sure you are eating healthily and exercising regularly ahead of surgery to be close to your ideal weight and improve your overall health.

Surgery takes a major toll on your body – it is basically your body going through trauma. The days following surgery will likely be very difficult, so before you go under, it is important that you get adequate sleep and try and reduce stress as much as possible. A well-rested body is able to deal with the stress of surgery much better, and the sleep deprivation that may come after surgery as well.

As mentioned, making sure you are exercising regularly ahead of surgery is not only good for achieving and maintaining an ideal weight, but also increasing your overall stamina and endurance. It is a known fact that those who are in good shape have an easier recovery period after surgery. This is a because fit bodies recuperate more quickly and efficiently. By exercising regularly in the months before surgery, you will be doing your body a big favor during your post-operative period.

Have Optimal Lab Test Results
One of the requirements Mia Aesthetics has in place in order to ensure the utmost safety for patients is lab testing ahead of surgery. Patients are required to undergo lab tests in order to be cleared for surgery. Lab tests reveal important information that allow our surgeons to know if you are in good health or have any special conditions that may pose complications during surgery.

As you approach your surgery date, Mia Aesthetics will send you a lab order that will contain all the tests you are required to have done ahead of surgery. Below is a list of tests patients must have done before surgery, and what the tests reveal:

1. CBC Differential
CBC Differential stands for “Complete Blood Count with Differential.” This test gets a lot of information from your blood sample. It is done to make sure you are not anemic and also checks for other types of illnesses in your blood.

2. CMP
The comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP) shares information about the body’s fluid balance, levels of electrolytes and how well the kidneys and liver are working.

3. HCG
HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, is the hormone secreted during pregnancy. This is tested for in women in order to ensure they are not pregnant during the time of their operation.

4. HIV
Those who test positive for HIV, or Human Immunodeficiency Virus, or not automatically ruled out for plastic surgery. However, doctors must take extra precautions with these types of patients, and additional tests may be required to ensure the patient is still a good candidate.

5. Coagulation Panel
A coagulation panel is a series of tests that determine how well your blood clots. It includes tests such as prothrombin time (PT), activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT) and an iron test.

6. Urinalysis
This is a basic urine test. It is done to make sure you have good kidney function and are free of any infections.

No Illicit Drug Use
The most surefire way to get cancelled before your plastic surgery procedure is by using illicit drugs. Illicit drugs can affect your body’s state during surgery and make ordinary procedures more dangerous to your health. If you are a smoker or regularly use any other substances, you should stop usage at least three weeks ahead of your surgery to prevent any unwanted complications and guarantee a smooth procedure.

Be Mentally Prepared
It is equally as important for your mind to be in a healthy place ahead of plastic surgery as it is your body. Although it is sometimes easier said than done, your surgical journey will be much easier and more joyful if you try and maintain a positive attitude throughout. Remember your end goal and the reasons you decided to go through with the cosmetic procedure in the first place. Although the road to recovery will be bumpy at some points, your much-anticipated end results will make the experience worth it!

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