What is a Temporal Brow Lift and Is It Right for You?

As we get older, our brow becomes one of the areas on our body that can betray our age. As gravity weighs on the skin and it loses collagen, the brows can start to droop or sag, making us look tired or angry. Your plastic surgeon has several options for repairing this problem, and one of them is the temporal brow lift. The temporal brow lift is less invasive than traditional brow lift surgery but can still provide dramatic results in the right patients.

What is a Temporal Brow Lift? 

A temporal brow lift is a surgical procedure that focuses on improving the outer portion of your eyebrows and forehead. The procedure lifts your brows while smoothing wrinkles around your temples. A temporal brow lift lets you correct eyebrow drooping in the parts of the brow where it most often occurs without having to undergo a more involved surgery. This procedure also hides any scarring in your hairline. The surgery provides a refreshed, youthful look with very minimal downtime and an easy recovery.

How the Temporal Brow Lift Procedure Works 

At Mia Aesthetics, we perform temporal brow lifts under general anesthesia. Once you’re comfortably asleep, your surgeon will perform the following steps:

  • They will make incisions on both of your temples. Each incision will be about an inch long and sit just above your temples in your hairline. 
  • The brow tissue will be lifted into a higher but still natural position. 
  • Sutures or surgical clips are placed to hold the brow properly in its new position. 
  • Your incisions are closed and the anesthesiologist will wake you. 
  • We will monitor you in our recovery room for a time to ensure you come out of anesthesia well and without complications.

What is Temporal Brow Lift Recovery Like? 

Temporal brow lift recovery is pretty easy, and most patients breeze through it with no trouble at all. We will ask that you take it easy for about a week, but you will be able to resume your normal daily activities as soon as you feel ready. Due to the anesthesia, however, most people do go home and take a lot of naps the day of their surgery. Although you won’t have many restrictions, vigorous physical activity and exercise will have to wait about 7 days. 

Most patients experience only minor post-operative swelling, but you can apply ice packs to your temples and forehead if you’re concerned. A bit of bruising is also normal. Upon occasion, some patients find that their hair thins or even falls out at their incision site. Don’t panic if this happens to you—this is temporary, and your hair will come back as your incisions heal.

How Much Scarring Will There Be After the Procedure? 

Any surgical incision can leave behind some scarring, but it is minimal after a temporal brow lift. This is especially true when the procedure is performed by a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon. Any scars left behind by a temporal brow lift are well hidden within the hair line.

Does a Temporal Brow Lift Change the Shape of Your Eyes? 

A temporal brow lift won’t change the shape of your eyes, but it will change your appearance. After a brow lift, you will look younger and refreshed. Some people also feel that they look more awake and alert. Patients whose sagging brows made them look sad or angry find this situation corrected.

How Long Do Temporal Brow Lift Results Last? 

Temporal brow lifts don’t offer the same longevity as more invasive procedures, but your results will last for at least 3 to 5 years. Some patients, of course, find that their results last much longer. It’s important to remember that, although it may look like your surgeon has turned back the clock, they can’t stop it. Gravity and aging will continue to affect your skin and brows and could cause them to sag again in the future.

Who is the Best Candidate for a Temporal Brow Lift? 

The best candidates for temporal brow lifts are patients whose concerns involve only the outer third of their forehead and eyebrows. This procedure won’t fix creases, lines, or wrinkles in the middle portion of the forehead or correct brows that sag in the inside closer to the nose. In order to be a good candidate for this procedure, you must understand what it can and can’t achieve.  

Aside from those caveats, the best candidates for this procedure match those of most surgical procedures. You should be relatively healthy and preferably a nonsmoker. If you do have a chronic health condition like hypertension or diabetes, it is important that these conditions are well controlled before your surgery.

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