How Does Plastic Surgery Affect Tattoos

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If you’re planning to get plastic surgery and have a tattoo or are looking to get one, you may be wondering how plastic surgery will affect the tattoo or vice versa. This depends on a few factors, like where you will be getting plastic surgery and the location of the tattoo. A situation where you’re planning to get a breast augmentation and want to get a tattoo on your thigh is different from when you want to get a tummy tuck but have a tattoo already on your lower stomach.

In the scenario where you want to get a tattoo in the same region where you are getting plastic surgery, you may be wondering if you should get the tattoo before or after your surgery and how long after do you have to wait before getting the tattoo.

If the tattoo is not going anywhere near the body area getting plastic surgery, then there’s no problem. However, your surgeon might recommend waiting until you’ve healed from surgery to get a tattoo. By waiting until you’ve recovered from surgery, you’re avoiding any additional stress to your immune system, which could hinder your health and recovery.

Getting a tattoo on an area where you also want to get plastic surgery may compromise the tattoo itself. For example, if you’re going to get a breast augmentation and already have a tattoo on your breast, the tattoo may be removed or distorted. That’s why it’s recommended to hold off on getting a tattoo if you want to have plastic surgery done in the same area.

Some may believe it’s best to get the tattoo and plastic surgery procedure close together to have one recovery period. However, that may not be the best idea. It’s suggested to speak with your plastic surgeon beforehand as you don’t want to risk the chances of getting an infection. It’s important to consider all these points and consult with your plastic surgeon to answer any questions you may have.

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