Breast Implants- Over Vs. Under

Breast augmentation is a very individualized procedure that requires a lot of decisions, from what type of implants you want to the position of the implant. Breast implants can be placed over your chest muscle or underneath it. There is no clear answer as there are many pros and cons and different factors that need to be discussed when deciding whether to put the implant over or under the muscle.

Under the Muscle

This method is also known as submuscular implants. Plastic surgeons began placing the implant under the pectoral muscle, aka the chest, to reduce the chances of capsular contracture. Capsular contracture occurs when the implant becomes slightly hard or very firm, which will cause the breast implant to feel painful and look unnatural. It’s for this reason that many women prefer to get their breast implants placed beneath the muscle. But this shouldn’t be the only deciding factor when choosing the placement of the implant.

Placing the breast implant under the chest is a good option for those patients who don’t have a lot of natural breast tissue. Placing the implant beneath the chest muscle creates a more natural breast contour. Whereas, if the natural breasts have begun to sag from age or breastfeeding, it’s advised to avoid this technique and place the implant over the chest muscle because it is high up on the chest.

However, there are some cons to both submuscular and subglandular implants. When having the breast implants placed under the muscle, you are manipulating the chest muscle, which will cause more discomfort during your recovery. There is also a high chance of the implant becoming displaced over time.

Over the Muscle

Implants placed on top of the chest muscle and under the glandular breast tissue are also known as subglandular implants. This method is ideal for patients who have a good amount of breast tissue before their breast augmentation. For patients with a good amount of breast tissue, the tissue can provide sufficient support and coverage of the implants. This coverage is crucial in achieving results that look natural.

Placing implants over the chest muscle is a more effortless procedure than breast implants placed under the muscle. They tend to have less pain and discomfort post-surgery because the chest muscle isn’t being manipulated during surgery. By also leaving the chest muscle intact, you significantly lower your chances of having the implants be distorted when flexing the chest muscle.

Like with submuscular implants, there are cons to placing the implants over the muscle. The likelihood of breast implant rippling increases for patients with less breast tissue. There is also a higher chance of capsular contracture because the implant is being placed about the chest muscle. It’s essential to be informed and consider all factors when consulting with your plastic surgeon about your breast augmentation procedure.

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