The Drop and Fluff After a Breast Augmentation

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After a Breast Augmentation, patients will notice that their breasts are too high up on their chest and begin to panic. But this is normal after getting a Breast Augmentation as your new breasts will need to go through the “Drop and Fluff” phenomenon. Drop and Fluff is the natural healing process after breast surgery that will result in the breasts having a natural, rounded appearance. This healing process is the same for anyone undergoing a Breast Augmentation, no matter the implant material or shape. Having a good understanding of the drop and fluff process will help you be better prepared for your recovery process.

Immediately after surgery, your breasts will sit higher on the chest and look flatter than you expected them to look. This is normal, but they will not look that way forever. Your breasts just haven’t settle yet. The drop part of the drop and fluff process means exactly what it sounds like. Your implants will gradually move down or “drop” into a natural position. Your breast tissue is compressing the implants right after surgery, causing them to look flat and high on the chest.

Once the surrounding tissue and muscles relax and adapt to the new implants, they will drop. They are followed by the fluff stage of the “Drop and fluff.” When the implants settle to their natural position, they will fill out to their intended shape and form.

Because each case is unique, the recovery period varies. Implants take an average of 4 to 6 months to drop and fluff. However, most women will see their final results after about three months. Some factors play into the amount of time it will take for the implants to settle, like the strength of the pectoral muscles. Swelling will also affect the appearance of the breasts post-surgery, and any asymmetry between the breasts should be resolved throughout the healing process. Patience is important after plastic surgery, but the wait is worth it. If you feel any doubts or have any concerns about the appearance and feel of your new breasts, be sure to reach out to your plastic surgeon.

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