Fat Grafting 101

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The idea of transferring unwanted fat from one area of your body to another is why this procedure is rising. Fat Grafting is the act of transferring fat from other body areas that have excess fat and injecting it into other sites that may lack volume through liposuction. This procedure has emerged as a new breast reconstruction technique. Fat Grafting is a more natural approach to specific procedures like breast implants and facial filler.

A fat transfer is done by the surgeon performing liposuction on a donor site such as the stomach or thighs to remove fat through a small incision. The fat is then washed and purified to remove broken fat cells, oils, and other things that might be mucking it up. This fat is then reinjected back into the areas of the body that need volume.

Fat Grafting can be broken down into three stages: Harvesting, purification & transfer, and placement.

  • During the harvesting stage, you and your surgeon will decide on an area for fat removal. Your surgeon will then make a minor incision to extract the fat carefully.
  • The extracted fat will then be processed, purified, and transferred to small fat injection syringes.
  • After the fat is extracted, the area that will receive the fat graft is prepared. The needle or cannula will then be inserted into the incision point of the body areas to be augmented. This process is repeated until the desired volume had been achieved. Based on your surgeon’s preference, the grafted areas will be massaged to create the desired contour, while others may prefer to rely on the placement technique.

Fat Grafting is ideal for those who:

  • Desire more permanent correction versus temporary fillers
  • Need/want breast reconstruction
  • Have facial areas that appear creased and sunken
  • Wish to improve their body contour, fill bodily depressions, revise scars, and rejuvenate your hands and face

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