How Much Does a BBL Cost?

At Mia Aesthetics, we firmly believe in making plastic surgery as financially attainable as possible. As such, we do what we can to keep our prices low without sacrificing the quality of the care you receive. Despite this, we understand that paying for your BBL can require a bit of financial finessing. While we can’t quote you an exact cost for your procedure without first assessing your individual needs, we’re happy to share the base cost of a BBL and help you understand what factors determine your final price.

How Much Does a BBL Cost?

At Mia Aesthetics, BBL procedures start at $3,750. This is less expensive than the national average, which is $4,807 according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This makes our price better than the national average, but the truth is even better than it looks. The average given by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons is for the BBL procedure only. It does not include fees for anesthesia, surgical facility fees, or other associated costs. The Mia Aesthetics price, however, does include all of these fees. When these fees are factored in, the national average increases to about $7,000, which is significantly higher than Mia’s $3,750 starting price point.

How Much Do Male BBLs Cost?

Although the exact cost of a BBL may vary from one patient to another, male BBLs don’t cost more than those performed on females. If a man ultimately pays more for his BBL than a female acquaintance, the difference may be due to the surgeon’s fees, location, lab fees, and other cost variants. It may also be the result of the different needs of each patient. He won’t, however, pay more simply because he is a man.

How Much Does a Petite BBL Cost?

Sometimes called a baby BBL, a petite BBL is one performed on a smaller person who has a low body mass index (BMI), usually between 20 and 23. A BBL uses liposuction to gather unwanted fat throughout the body so that it can be transferred to the buttocks. Patients with a low BMI may not have adequate donor fat to be eligible for a standard BBL.

Fortunately, women with smaller frames often don’t need a lot of buttock enhancement. A petite BBL won’t get you a Jennifer Lopez-style booty with a lot of projection, but it can add some shape and definition to a lackluster rear end while fixing hip dips. Even smaller women may have enough fat in their abdomen and flanks to make subtle but effective changes to the buttocks.

Patients often assume that a petite BBL will cost less because there is less fat being transferred. This is generally not the case, however. The procedure is ultimately the same whether you have a traditional or a petite BBL. A petite BBL can actually be more involved since the surgeon may have to look harder for and gather donor fat from more sites than normal. Anesthesia costs and surgical fees don’t change for a petite BBL either, so expect to pay the standard BBL costs even if you’re getting a baby BBL.

Does the Cost of a BBL Vary by State?

It’s no secret that different parts of the country have different costs of living, and this fact impacts plastic surgery just as it does other items. This means that the price of a BBL will absolutely vary from one state to another and may also vary from city to city. Mia Aesthetics maintains multiple clinics in several different states, which is one reason our prices vary from clinic to clinic. In order to maintain a top-tier staff of highly skilled surgeons, we must pay our doctors the rate demanded by the area in which they live as well as the one commanded by their experience and skill level.

Factors That Can Influence the Cost of Your BBL

As we’ve already noted, location has a big influence on the cost of a BBL. So does the experience level of your surgeon. A surgeon who has only performed 500 BBLs may do excellent work, but he or she probably won’t charge as much as a surgeon who has performed 2,000 BBLs. There are many other items that can impact the cost of your BBL as well.

The complexity of your specific procedure also affects the price. Every patient is unique, as are their desired outcomes. The cost of your BBL will vary based on how complicated your particular surgical case becomes. The deeper the surgeon has to reach into their bag of tricks, the more expensive your procedure will be. Adding procedures will, of course, impact your procedure as well. A BBL done as part of a mommy makeover in combination with a breast augmentation will cost more than a BBL by itself.

Another factor is the cost of post-surgery supplies. The amount you pay for pain medication, antibiotics, or other post-surgical medications depends on where you live, the specific medications prescribed, and what your health insurance covers. You will also need a BBL pillow or a similar device to sit on after your procedure as well as a compression garment to wear. The cost for these items can vary significantly depending on where you purchase them.

Your choice of financing also affects your surgical cost. At Mia Aesthetics, we work with three different financing companies. You are, of course, free to finance your surgery however you see fit. Your final cost will vary based on which financing company you work with and the interest rate they offer you, which is often based on your credit score. Some patients are able to secure a low-interest personal loan through their banks while others elect to charge their surgery to a credit card. Each of these options comes with different costs.

How Much Does a BBL Revision Cost?

Sometimes patients come to Mia Aesthetics for help after a BBL done elsewhere goes wrong. The price of BBL revisions varies greatly because it depends on what we need to fix and how we need to fix it. Every BBL revision is different, so the cost of each revision is determined on a case-by-case basis. BBL revisions are also technically difficult — you could pay more to fix a bad BBL than you did for the original surgery.

Common reasons for BBL revision include a lack of desired volume, trenches, grooves, dimples, rippling, and asymmetry. Whatever your reasons for wanting a revision, you’ll need to wait until at least 6 months after your original surgery. After that, you can have an assessment done and we’ll estimate the cost of your BBL revision surgery.

You won’t know the exact cost until you have a consultation, but BBL revisions can easily run from $3,500 to $15,000 or more, with an average cost of around $7,000. The best way to avoid one is to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon for your BBL. Revisions are rarely necessary when patients see skilled and qualified plastic surgeons. They’re usually needed only after a medical tourism trip or visiting a bargain basement pop-up clinic with prices that seem (and are) too good to be true.

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