What Warrants a Plastic Surgery Revision?

As much as we’d love every plastic surgery procedure to produce perfect results, sometimes, due to unique anatomies and different healing rates, results may need to be retouched to produce the desired final product. At Mia Aesthetics, we offer patients the opportunity to apply for a revision once they meet all the requirements listed in our policy.

Below is a list of general guidelines for what warrants a plastic surgery revision:

Ask your Plastic Surgeon About their Revision Policy
Every plastic surgery clinic has a different revision policy. Be sure to inform yourself on your surgeon’s policies before signing your contract. Typically, your patient concierge will go over the revisions policy upon booking, but if not, be sure to ask and make sure you are OK with the clinic’s policies and business practices before moving forward.

Ask Yourself if your Expectations Were Realistic
Before undergoing plastic surgery, you will want to discuss your expectations and end goals with your plastic surgeon. Your surgeon will be able to tell you if your expectations align with what they have in mind for your procedure. Although plastic surgery has the ability to be life-changing and produce transformative results, there are some limitations to what it can accomplish. For example, your specific anatomy may cause some limitations depending on the type of procedure you are having done. Additionally, being far away from your ideal body weight can result in limitations for your procedure. If your doctor did the best they could given any preexisting limitations you had, you may not be eligible for a revision.

Wait the Allotted Amount of Time
Immediately after plastic surgery, a patient’s body may show undesirable traits such as swelling, bruising, and leakage. While these side effects may be uncomfortable and unsightly, they are completely normal and a part of the plastic surgery recovery process. Patients should wait out the process and allow these symptoms to diminish before considering applying for a revision. Typically, once these side effects go down, final results start to set in and patients become much happier with their results. At Mia Aesthetics, patients are required to wait three months after their surgery date before they can apply for a revision with our revisions department. During the revisions process, patients must send their photos to our revisions department. Then, the surgeon will review the patient’s current photos, their before photos, and assess their individual case before coming to a decision.

Must be due to a Surgeon Error, Not Normal Body Changes
At times, your results may change over time due to normal body changes. For example, some women who have a breast augmentation may experience unwanted skin stretch, resulting in the enlargement of their areolas. While this is generally undesired, you may not be eligible for a revision in this case, as the changes you experienced were harmless and due to normal body changes. If your implants were placed incorrectly or are protruding from your skin and causing discomfort, however, you may be eligible for a revision, as this is likely the result of a surgeon error.

Post-op Instructions Were Followed and Complications Still Occurred
A patient may be eligible for a revision if they can prove they followed all the listed post-op instructions and still experienced unwanted results. Post-op instructions are very important to ensuring the best results possible from your procedure. For example, if you decide to have a Brazilian butt lift (BBL), it is important that you don’t sit directly on your buttocks for an extended amount of time. Doing so will noticeably affect your results and may cause lumps and bumps in your new booty. If it is obvious that you did not follow your post-op instructions, you will likely not be eligible for a revision.

The Instance is an Emergency Situation
There are certain complications that occur no matter how careful the doctor and the surgical team or how good the care. At times it may be necessary for the patient to undergo a revision, either on an emergency basis or as an elective procedure. In this case, a revision is typically allowed, as it is for the patient’s own health and safety. Examples include a ruptured or exposed implant.

By following all pre-op and post-op instructions, maintaining good health, and keeping a realistic and healthy mindset, you will lower your odds of needing a revision. However, if your unique case does call for a revision, you and your doctor can work together to come up with the best plan to get you the final results you desire.

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