What Areas Can I Get Liposuction?

Liposuction is well-known and popular procedure that sculpts areas of the body with excess fat, streamlining, slimming and contouring the body. It is not a tool for weight loss, as the amount of fat removed during the surgery is relatively small. But the difference in the body’s aesthetics after the procedure can be significant. In modern liposuction, fat is removed from the body via a thin tube called a cannula. The small size of the cannula allows for liposuction to be done on many different parts of the body, both large and small.

Below we go over all the parts of the body where liposuction can be performed:

Likely the most popular location to get liposuction is around the abdomen. Liposuction can easily remove excess, stubborn fat from the tummy area revealing a thin and toned waist. Done alone or with a fat grafting procedure like a Brazilian butt lift, liposuction of the waist has the ability to completely sculpt and transform a person’s figure to their ideal shape.

Upper Arms
For those whose anatomy consists of arms that are proportionally larger than the rest of their body, liposuction is a great way to slim down the arms and create a more aesthetically proportionate figure.

Calves and Ankles
Whether you have larger than normal calves and ankles due to genetics, lymphedema or aging, liposuction is a great way to slim down the calves and ankles. Patients who have tried to slim down their calves and ankles through normal diet and exercise without success are typically great candidates for this type of procedure.

Chest and Back
Stubborn back fat and fat around the armpits and chest can be erased away with modern liposuction. Like liposuction of the abdomen, liposuction of the chest and back are popular donor areas for fat grafting procedures. Whether your plan is to reuse the removed fat or get rid of it completely, lipo can make your stubborn upper body fat a problem of the past.

Hips and Thighs
While many women are actually in search of curvier hips and thighs, some would rather do without them. Liposuction can streamline and contour the hips and thighs to a smaller shape. Those who are self-conscious about the look of their hips or thighs typically report feeling improved confidence and self-esteem after undergoing liposuction.

Chin and Neck
Lastly, the chin and neck are very popular sites to receive liposuction. Many times, patients who suffer from excess fat in these areas are thin and healthy, but have a genetic predisposition to store more fat around the neck and face. Lipo along these areas can remove the look of a double chin and can take years off of a person’s appearance.

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