The Importance of Being Patient After Surgery

Undergoing plastic surgery is one of the most intense transformations a person can undergo. While the process can be long and tedious, it is so fulfilling to finally have your dream body. One of the most important attributes a patient considering plastic surgery should have is patience.

Below we go over the importance of being patient after surgery:

1) You Will Not Feel Like Yourself Immediately After Surgery
Many patients report then when they wake up from surgery, they don’t feel like themselves. When you are not able to move as easily, are very tired and sore, and see your body looking different than the body you have always known, it’s easy to wonder if you made the right decision. This is very normal, and a part of the plastic surgery process to be expected. What’s important to remember is that this feeling is temporary. As the weeks go by, you will feel better and better as your finals results take shape.

2) You Will Probably be Uncomfortable After Surgery
Another reason why patience is important after surgery is because of the discomfort you will be feeling immediately after your procedure. It’s easy to focus on your discomfort and forget why you chose to have surgery in the first place. But by choosing to stay positive and remember that pain is only a temporary part of the process, you will have a more successful recovery period.

3) The First Few Days / Weeks May be Tough
Going into your surgery, you will want to be mentally and physically prepared for the likelihood of a difficult few weeks. While adequately making preparations throughout your home, buying any needed supplies, staying in good health and mentally preparing can help make this period easier, the best thing to do during this time is just to be patient. The struggles will not be permanent!

4) Final Results will not be Immediate
Although before and after photos show incredible, transformative results, these are typically taken after the patient has had time to heal. You should mentally prepare for the fact that you will likely not look or feel like yourself after surgery. In fact, according to Dr. David Gray, final results typically take anywhere from six weeks to three months to settle in. There may be swelling and bruising as well as manageable pain. But this is temporary. If you go into surgery with the patience and understanding that your results will take time and healing to fully settle, you will better be able to manage the recovery process.

5) … But There is a Light at the End of the Tunnel
Although it is sometimes easier said than done, your surgical journey will be much easier and more joyful if you try and maintain a positive attitude throughout. Remember your end goal and the reasons you decided to go through with the cosmetic procedure in the first place. Although the road to recovery will be bumpy at some points, your much-anticipated end results will make the experience worth it!

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