Best Shows and Movies to Binge During Surgery Recovery

The thought of plastic surgery recovery can be daunting and scary, and many patients getting ready for their procedures may be fearful of what to expect once they wake up. The good news is that after your surgery, there is only getting better and closer to your desired results and your dream body! The first few days will be hard, and you will likely be uncomfortable and tired. But lots of rest and time off of work also means you are free to binge on shows and movies you may have had on your watchlist.

We asked our team to weigh in on their favorite series to watch during recovery time. Below is a list of the best shows to binge during surgery recovery:

1. If you Like Sitcoms – “Friends”
You really can’t go wrong with a classic sitcom like “Friends.” The entire series, which spans over ten seasons and 236 episodes, is currently available on Netflix. This means hours and hours of binging for you and getting to know and love your favorite group of twenty-somethings even more than you probably already did.

“Friends” follows the lives of six main characters and their authentic relationships with each other and with others. They struggle with their careers, finances, relationships, friendships, and ever-changing lives which is why the show is so relatable to everyone who watches it. The light-hearted humor of the show will keep you in good spirits throughout your recovery and help the time roll along more smoothly.

2. If you Like Comedy – The Good Place
Described as a fantasy comedy, “The Good Place” is about a young woman who recently passed away, Eleanor, who has found herself in the afterlife. Eleanor made it to the “Good Place” but quickly realizes that she’s not supposed to be there – she actually got into the “Good Place” by mistake. A diverse cast of characters help her change her bad ways and become a better person after death. It’s funny, light-hearted, easy to binge on, and features the hilarious and relatable Kristen Bell.

3. If you Like Reality TV – Tidying up with Maire Kondo
“Tidying up with Marie Kondo” is the addicting reality TV show about getting rid of junk, tidying up your home, and minimalizing your life that dropped on Netflix in 2019. The series follows Japanese tidying guru Maire Kondo as she helps different American families from all walks of life tidy their homes while creating a better, happier lifestyle for themselves. We guarantee you’ll fall in love with Marie and may even start tidying your own home once you are feeling better!

4. If you Like Sci-Fi – Stranger Things
A perfect blend of 80’s nostalgia, sci-fi drama, and horror, “Stranger Things” has to be one of the most talked about shows of the last couple years. When a boy in their otherwise peaceful community disappears, it becomes apparent that supernatural forces are to blame. The deeper the characters dig, the more mysterious things get. It’s suspenseful, thrilling, and completely one of a kind. The show features a stellar cast of adults and kids, and shines a bright light on young Millie Bobby Brown, who will surely only grow more talented and awe-inspiring after this role. With three seasons currently available, the series will give you plenty of footage to binge during your recovery.

5. If you Like American Crime Stories – The Assassination of Gianni Versace
If you are looking for a chilling true-crime drama that examines the societal cost of homophobia, then “The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story” is what you are looking for. The show revolves around the serial killer who murdered Versace, Andrew Cunanan – an intelligent, refined young man and a pathological liar, played by Darren Criss. Beginning with the crime, the series works in reverse chronological order, delving into Cunanan’s past in order to reveal how a once-promising man ended up killing five innocent people.

Below is a list of the best movie series to binge during surgery recovery:

1. If you Like Action – The Avengers Series
The Avengers series contains four jam-packed episode of awesome action and suspense, giving superhero fans plenty of entertainment for their recovery period. If you are a true Marvel found, you can also deep dive into each of their characters personal storylines by watching their respective movies. The Marvel cinematic universe is so large, that you will likely not be able to get through the bulk of it!

2. If you Like Fantasy – The Harry Potter Series
A favorite among fantasy fans, sci-fi fans, and those who just love a really well-written story, the Harry Potter series can surely keep you happy and entertained throughout your recovery. With eight very long movies featuring the three famous children grow into young, magical adults, the series can keep you entertained for days. What’s better is that if you have children at home, they can enjoy the series with you as well!

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