Your Mia Aesthetics Timeline from Booking to After Surgery

If you are considering plastic surgery, you have likely been researching different clinics, surgeons, and accommodation options for your procedure. While the process of getting ready for plastic surgery is a very exciting time, it can also be filled with nerves and anxiety. You may be confused and wonder what to expect throughout the surgical process, from the moment you book until after your procedure is complete.

At Mia Aesthetics, we want to make the surgical process as easy as possible for patients. While there are many preparations to be made before your procedure, we want you to feel calm and confident with our surgical process and know that we are here to guide you along the way!

Below is a step-by-step timeline on what to expect throughout the surgical process at Mia Aesthetics.

1. Book your Surgery
After you inquire about surgery, our surgeons will determine if you are a good candidate by taking a look at your medical history and assessing your body mass index. For safety, patients must have a body mass index (BMI) of 31 or lower. This figure is calculated by inserting your height and weight into the formula at this site. If you are a good candidate, then you can go forward with choosing your surgeon and booking a date.

2. Meet your Personal Patient Concierge
After you book your surgery, you’ll get a call from your personal patient concierge. They will be your personal contact for making payments, making any appointment changes, and can answer any questions you might have. They will run you through everything you need to know before surgery – what to eat and drink, things to avoid, and more.

3. Lab Order will be Sent your way
60 days ahead of surgery, our lab department will contact you to send you a lab order. This will allow you to get your required blood work done at your local testing center. Lab tests reveal important information that allow our surgeons to know if you are in good health or have any special conditions that may pose complications during surgery. You can see a list of specific tests your lab work will consist of here. You will have your lab work sent to us so we can make sure you are in good health ahead of surgery.

4. 30-Day Concierge Check in
30 days before your surgery, your personal patient concierge will call you to ensure you have everything ready to go, including all lab work submitted, a place to stay booked, and have been following all pre-op instructions.

5. Two-week Concierge Check in
Two weeks before your surgery, your personal patient concierge will call you again to double-check that everything is ready to go. We make sure to check in with you more than once to ensure that everything is going as planned, and you can get pumped up for the event you have been waiting for – your surgery date!

6. Pre op Stage
During pre-op, one of our nurses will check your vitals and your BMI to ensure you are in great health. Any final payments or requests can be discussed at this time.

7. Surgery Date
On your surgery date, you will undergo a drug exam and meet your surgeon. Your surgeon will then go over your expectations and mark up your body. After making sure you are in perfect health and everything is good to go, the transformation will begin, and you will have your long-awaited surgery. After your surgery is complete, you will be given pain medication and will be moved to a room to rest until your pick-up transportation arrives. You should have all your accommodation prepared at this point, and all prescriptions picked up to allow the smoothest, easiest recovery possible.

8. Post-op Stage
During your post-op appointments, the surgeon will check on you and make sure you are healing properly. He will check for swelling, unevenness, or any other post-op concerns. You can also use this time to talk to your doctor about any questions you may have about your healing and what to expect over the next few months. If you booked any post-surgical massages, they will happen at this time.

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