Plastic Surgery Complication Signs


Plastic Surgery Complication Signs Post-op is a very critical stage in the plastic surgery journey. It's important to follow your surgeons' instructions to avoid complications following cosmetic surgery and help patients attain their desired results. While these post-op instructions can help prevent complications, surgery does come with a certain level [...]

Plastic Surgery Complication Signs2022-03-22T16:19:20-04:00

Liposuction Recovery Timeline


Liposuction Recovery Timeline Are you thinking about Liposuction to help get rid of stubborn excess fat that won't go away no matter how hard you diet and work out? You may feel excited to feel confident in your newly contoured body finally, but the recovery period plays a significant role [...]

Liposuction Recovery Timeline2022-03-22T16:21:31-04:00

Tummy Tuck Recovery Timline


Tummy Tuck Recovery Timeline If you're struggling to eliminate excess skin and/or stretched abdominal muscles, a Tummy Tuck may be the solution in getting a firmer, more toned abdomen. Are you researching to prepare for the procedure? Below is the recovery timeline for a Tummy Tuck, so you are well [...]

Tummy Tuck Recovery Timline2022-03-22T16:29:58-04:00

Best Sleeping Positions After Plastic Surgery


Best Sleeping Positions After Plastic Surgery A majority of your recovery post-plastic surgery will be spent napping and resting. However, it's important to follow post-op instructions to understand and learn how you must sleep depending on which cosmetic procedure you've had done Sleeping in the proper position will ensure you [...]

Best Sleeping Positions After Plastic Surgery2022-03-22T16:30:41-04:00

Facts You Didn’t Know About Gynecomastia Surgery


Facts You Didn't Know About Gynecomastia Surgery Women aren't the only ones that have insecurities they want to correct with plastic surgery. Men also suffer from the same self-confidence issues as women. More and more men are turning to plastic surgeons to help find solutions from wrinkles to stubborn fat. [...]

Facts You Didn’t Know About Gynecomastia Surgery2022-03-22T16:32:04-04:00

Understanding Tummy Tuck Drains


Understanding Tummy Tuck Drains An abdominoplasty, or Tummy Tuck, removes excess fat and skin from the abdomen area, resulting in a tighter stomach and improved overall contour. This is an extensive cosmetic procedure that will require a minimum of two weeks of strict resting and healing. During these first two [...]

Understanding Tummy Tuck Drains2022-03-22T16:33:45-04:00

Do’s & Don’ts After Plastic Surgery


Do's & Don'ts After Plastic Surgery Having a Breast Augmentation will enhance your breasts to give you the breasts you've always desired. No matter the reason for getting your breast augmentation, whether for breast symmetry, correcting loss of volume, or another reason, it's critical to do research before your procedure. [...]

Do’s & Don’ts After Plastic Surgery2022-03-23T16:43:33-04:00

How To Maintain Your Plastic Surgery Results


How To Maintain Your Plastic Surgery Results Plastic surgery is a significant investment both financially and for improving a patient's overall quality of life. When you decide to get plastic surgery, you choose to invest in yourself both physically and emotionally. Some cosmetic procedures like a Rhinoplasty and chin implants [...]

How To Maintain Your Plastic Surgery Results2022-03-25T14:07:00-04:00

Exercise After Plastic Surgery


Exercise After Plastic Surgery While it's normal to want to return to regular everyday activities after plastic surgery, such as exercising, it's important to give your body enough to rest to heal properly. After your surgical procedure, you may feel motivated to maintain your appearance through dieting and exercising but [...]

Exercise After Plastic Surgery2022-02-23T18:59:33-05:00

Thigh Lift Recovery Timeline


Thigh Lift Recovery Timeline If you have excess skin on your legs, a thigh lift may be right for you. A thigh lift is a permanent solution that helps redefine, tighten, and contour the legs by getting rid of excess sagging skin. Patients will have the option to choose from [...]

Thigh Lift Recovery Timeline2022-03-25T14:19:31-04:00


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