Why is Miami the Plastic Surgery Capital of the U.S.?

Miami, otherwise known as the Magic City, is known for its beautiful beaches, yearlong sunny weather and attractive locals. The flashy city never sleeps and has a reputation for hosting folks that value looking their best at all times. Additionally, the city has a reputation for hosting some of the most gorgeous bodies in the world, many of which can be attributed to cosmetic enhancements and plastic surgery advancements.

Given these factors, it’s no wonder the seaside city is considered the plastic surgery capital of the U.S. Even topping major tourist locations like Los Angeles and New York City, Miami is not only a major destination for U.S. citizens, but also people from all over the world looking to enhance their bodies. But what other factors give Miami this esteemed title, and when did it begin?

Below we break down the factors that give Miami the title of the plastic surgery capital of the U.S.:

1. Lots and Lots of Surgeons
One of the main reasons why Miami is considered the plastic surgery capital of the U.S. is because of the large number of plastic surgeons that reside there. In a report issued in 2016, the city with the highest number of plastic surgeons is Miami with a total of 3.90 plastic surgeons for every 100,000 residents. Plastic surgeons increasingly move to Miami to enjoy the beautiful weather and tropical atmosphere. Additionally, many plastic surgeons state they chose to move to Miami to surround themselves with other experts in the field, allowing them to grow and learn from the best in the industry. More plastic surgeons mean more plastic surgery!

2. Expertise
Because so many of the world’s top plastic surgeons reside in Miami, patients can be assured that they are receiving plastic surgery from surgeons with loads of expertise in the specific procedure they are looking for. Whether it’s a Brazilian butt lift (BBL), breast lift or full mommy makeover, Miami boasts surgeons with thousands and thousands of successful operations and before and after photos to prove their skill. Some surgeons even choose to only perform one or two procedures to further refine their craft.

At Mia Aesthetics, surgeons specialize in body procedures like liposuction, tummy tucks, Brazilian butt lifts (BBL), and breast operations. Patients seeking to refine and contour their bodies are in good hands with our highly experienced and professional surgeons.

3. Wide Array of Surgery Options
Because the plastic surgeons that work out of South Florida are the best in the business, patients can choose from a wider away of procedures that other plastic surgery locations outside of Miami may not offer. There is a targeted plastic surgery procedure for practically every concern, and plastic surgeons that specialize in each procedure. Whether you are looking for a full body makeover or just to transform a specific area, Miami will provide you with options to make your surgical experience fully customizable.

4. History
The increase in plastic surgeons and plastic surgery clinics in Miami did not happen overnight. Years and years of successful surgeries and innovations in the plastic surgery field are what helped make Miami the plastic surgery capital it is today. The long, successful history of plastic surgery dominating in Miami is a major reason why so many patients trust traveling so far to transform their bodies.

5. Ideal Place to Recover
Recovering from plastic surgery can be a difficult process, and will likely challenge you mentally, physically and emotionally. It helps to be in a relaxing, scenic place during this time. Miami is warm and sunny yearlong, with beautiful oceans and beaches around. Even if you are limited to rest with intermittent walking, it certainly helps to be able to open your hotel window or step on your balcony and see some beautiful scenery!

6. Hot Weather
It’s no surprise that in a climate like Miami’s, people are increasingly seeking out body sculpting procedures. Hot weather means beach and poolside days. Beach and poolside days mean bikinis and short shorts. Men and women living in the sunny city want to look and feel their best. Depending on a patient’s specific needs, plastic surgery could be the answer they’re looking for and help them achieve the body of their dreams.

7. No Stigma
While some cities might still have a stigma around plastic surgery, Miami is not one of them. Beauty and cosmetic advancements are embraced in Miami, and there is rarely any judgement given to those who opt to have plastic surgery. Many patients find comfort in knowing that during the time of their surgery, they can relax and recover in a judgement free zone.

For these reasons, many patients choose to have their plastic surgery done in Miami. With some of the world’s top surgeons residing there and a culture that promotes beauty and self-confidence, the city is a great plastic surgery destination for anyone looking to transform their body and their life.

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