Why did Dr. Gray Choose to Become a Plastic Surgeon?

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Mia Aesthetics is home to some of the best, most experienced plastic surgeons in the country. New to the roster is Dr. David Gray, a board-certified surgeon with over 16 years of experience. Well-known for his expertise in breast and body surgeries, many patients wonder how the esteemed surgeon got his start in the field, and what convinced him to pursue a career as a plastic surgeon.

According to Dr. Gray, when he started medical school at University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, a good friend and mentor of his practiced as a urologist. Because of this, Dr. Gray initially thought that he too would eventually specialize and become a urologist. However, during the rigorous interview process for his residency, Dr. Gray realized that urology was not what he actually wanted to practice.

Still uncertain about what his specialty would be, Dr. Gray decided to do his residency in general surgery just to keep doors open for his future. At the University of Arkansas, Dr. Gray was fortunate enough to receive mentorship from a very skilled plastic surgeon. It is during this time that Dr. Gray discovered his calling and passion for plastic surgery – and the rest is history!

Check out Dr. Gray’s before and after photos on our Instagram page, and take a look at his Q&A videos on our YouTube channel. Your dream body awaits!