Which Surgery Gives More Hips?

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With the advancements of modern plastic surgery, body contouring can now be specifically designed to fit each patient’s unique needs. Whether a patient wants a subtle change or a full-on vixen shape, liposuction combined with fat grafting can create the look they desire.

While achieving a bigger booty has long been a popular fat grafting procedure for many women and men, patients have increasingly expressed interested in getting bigger hips. Below we go over what surgery can give patients the look of larger hips, and the benefits of increasing overall hip size.

What Surgery Gives More Hips?
The surgery that can sculpt a patient’s hips, carving them out and making them larger is the Brazilian butt lift (BBL). While many think the BBL procedure is only good for increasing the size of the booty, fat removed during the procedure is also inserted into the hips to create the most appealing shape possible. An alternative procedure that can make the hips appear slightly larger is liposuction of the waist. By removing fat from the waist, the procedure can give an illusion of larger hips. However, the only procedure that actually enlarges the hips is a BBL.

Benefits of Increasing Hip Size
By increasing the size of the hips, doctors can fill in any “hip dips,” which are a normal body variation that occurs when your hip bone sits higher than your femur, causing fat and muscle to cave inward. This results in a dent, or “dip” where your hips meet your thighs. While hip dips are completely natural and nothing to be ashamed of, many patients crave the smooth, shapely look fat grafting can create. Additionally, increasing the size of your hips can alternatively make your waist appear smaller, giving patients of all shapes and sizes the opportunity to achieve an hourglass shape.

In Conclusion
Many patients crave a curvy, hourglass look. The best way to achieve larger hips is with a BBL, which can fill out any hip dips and give patients a symmetrical curvy shape. Liposuction of the waist alone can create an optical illusion where hips appear larger, but only a BBL will give patients a truly curvier shape. While all body shapes are beautiful, if you are interested in larger hips, a BBL might be for you!