What Types of Add on Procedures Can you Add on to your Main Surgical Procedure?

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While plastic surgery is an incredibly positive and life-changing experience for those looking to transform their look and gain confidence, it can also be a stressful and scary experience for some. Because of this, many patient looking to have surgery want to add on as many procedures as possible to avoid going under anesthesia and experiencing the recovery process more than once.

While having every procedure of interest done at once can certainly be convenient, it is not always advised. Below we go over Dr. Charepoo’s tips for the types of add-on procedures you can safely add to your main surgical procedure.

Small Procedures
When it comes to smaller procedures, patients can add them on to their main procedure without worry. Procedures like lipo of a small area such as the abdomen, arms, neck or inner thighs can be tacked on to a large procedure without adding on too much time to the overall length of the surgery. Additionally, because these procedures are more minor in nature, they should not drastically affect the patient’s recovery period.

More Complex, Full Length Procedures
When it comes to lengthy, complex procedures like mommy makeovers, the Brazilian butt lift, or breast lifts with augmentations, our surgeons advise against combining too many procedures into one setting. While modern technology and anesthesia does allow for these procedures to be combined safely, doing so puts the patient at risk of a harder and longer recovery. Tacking on too many large procedures at once increases the risk of seromas and other post-surgical complications. Additionally, with any surgery, the goal of the surgeon is having the patient under anesthesia for as little time as possible to avoid any avoidable complications. These anesthesia associated complications can include confusion, nausea, and in some patients, respiratory issues.

In Conclusion
While modern technology and anesthesia advancements make it possible to undergo many plastic surgery procedures at once, our surgeons do not recommend combining too many large procedures in one setting. Small procedures like liposuction to individual areas can be added on to major procedures easily and without major risk. However, if you would like to undergo several large procedures, such as a mommy makeover, BBL or major breast work, it is best to split the procedures up for your overall health and for a smoother recovery period.