What to Pack for Your Surgery Trip

Planning for your plastic surgery can be a somewhat stressful task, especially if you will be traveling to your surgery destination from out of state. However, by making a list of items you will need during your recovery, you can eliminate half the stress that comes with getting ready for your surgery. Below, we’ve created a list of all your must-have surgery recovery items. Keep in mind that most of these items can be purchased in your surgery city if you prefer to travel light. However, you can also make the choice to pack everything ahead of time if that helps you feel calmer!

1. Antibacterial Soap
Antibacterial soap is a must during surgery recovery and ahead of your procedure. Using an antibacterial soap during your shower before your surgery will ensure that your skin is free of any bacteria that can put you at risk of contracting an infection during surgery. Once you are given the clear to shower again after surgery, antibacterial soap can help you keep your incisions clean and lower your risk of developing an infection after surgery.

2. MiraLAX or Another Gentle Laxative
It is a known fact that surgery can cause your digestive system to get a little out-of-whack. That’s why it’s helpful to have MiraLAX or another gentle laxative on-hand after surgery. Taking a gentle laxative in the days following your procedure can help get you back on track and regular, reducing abdominal pain and discomfort.

3. Mederma or Another Scar Cream
Once you are given the OK from your doctor, you may begin using a gentle scar cream to lighten up your incision scars. While most procedures involve placing incisions in discreet locations, using a scar cream can help make scars even less visible, giving you added confidence.

4. Female or Unisex Urinal
Depending on the procedure you have, you may need a female or unisex urinal to help you use the bathroom after surgery. Patients who undergo a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) are not able to sit for the first few weeks after their procedure. A female urinal will allow them to comfortably urinate without damaging their surgical results.

5. Surgical Dressings or Maxi Pads
Depending on the type of procedure you’ve had done, you may have some incision drainage after surgery. Surgical dressings or maxi pads can help soak up any fluid drainage. Make sure to change these often to keep your incisions as clean as possible.

6. Pee-pee Pads
As mentioned, you will likely be draining from your incisions after surgery. Placing pee-pee pads on any areas you will be sitting or lying on will help soak up any fluid and keep your area clean and dry.

7. Peroxide
For any clothing or furniture items that get stained with drainage or blood, peroxide can help remove stains.

8. Pineapple juice
Known as the surgery super food, pineapple juice is a great item to have on-hand during your recovery. Pineapple contains bromelain, an enzyme mixture known to reduce inflammation and help with healing. Not only that, but the juice will help keep you hydrated!

9. Slippers
A great pair of slippers will help make moving around easier during your surgery recovery. Putting them on requires no bending over or physical strain, which is a huge plus when you are sore after surgery. With a pair of cute slippers at hand, you will be able to walk around your hotel or recovery house and make it to any post-op appointments with ease!

10. Fluffy Robe
Let’s face it – a fluffy robe should be an essential item in EVERYONE’S wardrobe. But during surgery recovery, a soft and cozy robe is especially helpful. You will likely be sore after surgery and may have a hard time getting in and out of complicated clothes. By having a soft robe at hand, you will be able to cover up and stay warm with minimal effort.

11. CBD products
CBD products are a natural way to make your recovery period a little less stressful. Sold as oils, gummies or topical creams, CBD is known to reduce pain and inflammation, aid in stress reduction, and promote overall relaxation. Mia Aesthetics sells a line of CBD products called Damn Gina CBD products, which can be purchased during your pre- or post-op appointments.

12. Arnica Pills and Gel
Another natural product, arnica is known to help reduce bruising and pain. Arnica can be purchased as a pill or a topical gel. Mia Aesthetics sells arnica supplements at its clinics for patients looking to purchase it during their pre- or post-op appointments.

In Conclusion
While preparing for surgery can sometimes seem daunting, Mia Aesthetics has you covered! This extensive list includes everything you may need during your recovery to keep you comfortable and healthy. Be sure to ask your surgeon if your procedure requires that you wear anything specific.

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