What is Dimpleplasty and How Much Does It Cost?

We’re just going to say it: Dimples are adorable. Not only are dimples incredibly cute, but in some cultures they are viewed as a sign of good fortune and luck. If you weren’t naturally blessed with dimples, a plastic surgeon can give you a pair during a fast and simple outpatient surgery with a very short recovery time.

What is Dimpleplasty?

Dimpleplasty is a simple procedure performed under local anesthesia in a plastic surgeon’s office. It begins with you choosing the placement of your new dimples. Typically, dimples are placed 2 to 5 centimeters beneath the nasolabial fold and slightly above the corners of the mouth. Some surgeons draw a line from the corner of the mouth to the earlobe and then draw a second vertical line down from the corner of the eye. These lines often intersect at the ideal dimple placement location. You will get to see and approve your dimple placement before the surgery begins, however.

During the surgery, your doctor will administer a local anesthetic so that you don’t feel the procedure. They will then remove a very small amount of tissue, usually about 2 or 3 millimeters, to create a space for the dimple. The surgeon then uses a dissolvable suture to hold the new dimple in the correct spot. As you heal and the suture dissolves, scar tissue will form around the suture site, holding the dimple permanently in place.

How Long Does a Dimpleplasty Last?

A dimpleplasty is a permanent procedure, and your new dimples should stay with you for life. It is important though to remember that the aging process can change the appearance of your face. Age and weight fluctuations could change the appearance of your dimples over time, making them more or less pronounced at different times in your life.

How Painful is Dimpleplasty?

Thanks to local anesthesia, you should feel absolutely nothing during your dimpleplasty procedure despite being awake. After the procedure you may experience some swelling and bruising, but this is easily addressed with some ice packs and perhaps an over-the-counter analgesic if necessary. Dimpleplasty recovery is not painful or difficult.

How Long Does Dimpleplasty Take to Heal?

Most people return to work or school a day or two after having a dimpleplasty procedure. The surgical site should be completely healed in about 2 to 3 weeks. At this time, the dissolving suture will be gone and the scar tissue will have formed completely.

Dimpleplasty Complications

Dimpleplasty is a straightforward and simple procedure, so complications are very rare. They can occur, however. It is possible to experience facial nerve damage, infections, and scarring after a dimpleplasty. To avoid these issues, always visit a skilled plastic surgeon for your procedure and follow any and all post-operative instructions you receive.

How Much is Dimpleplasty?

The cost of a dimpleplasty varies based on the surgeon, location, your unique needs, and other factors as is true of any plastic surgery procedure. The cost can be as high as $3,500, but this is the high end of the price scale, and most procedures don’t cost this much. At Mia Aesthetics, our dimpleplasty procedures start at $1,500. Remember that we offer several financing options to make your dimpleplasty even more affordable and easier to squeeze into even the tightest of budgets.

Is There Dimpleplasty Near Me?

Dimpleplasty is growing in popularity, and as such an increasing number of surgeons and plastic surgery clinics now offer the procedure. Mia Aesthetics is happy to offer dimpleplasty at our Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, and New York City locations.

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