What is a Reverse Tummy Tuck?

For most people looking to get rid of belly fat and excess skin, a tummy tuck is the answer. But at the end of the day, every patient and every body is different. What works for some or even most patients doesn’t necessarily work for everyone. If you have excess fat or sagging skin on your upper abdomen exclusively above your belly button, a traditional tummy tuck may not work for you. You may need a reverse tummy tuck instead.

Unfortunately, some people don’t discover that they need a reverse tummy tuck until after they get a traditional tummy tuck and end up disappointed in the results. Here is what you need to know to decide if a reverse tummy tuck is a better choice for you. Note, however, that reverse tummy tucks are not for everyone and work only for a handful of patients. They are much rarer than traditional tummy tucks.

What is a Reverse Tummy Tuck?

During a reverse tummy tuck, your surgeon makes an incision in the mammary fold underneath your breasts. This is the opposite (or reverse) of a traditional tummy tuck in which the incision is made as low on the abdomen as possible. Next, any excess skin and unwanted fat deposits are removed and, if necessary, any tears or weaknesses in the upper abdominal wall repaired. Problems in the upper abdominal muscles aren’t as common as those in the lower abdominal area, but your surgeon will still check your muscles and fix any problems as needed.

After removing excess tissue and making any muscle repairs, the surgeon will pull your skin taut and close the incision. In a traditional tummy tuck, this involves pulling the skin down and stitching it in place. In a reverse tummy tuck, however, the surgeon pulls the skin up beneath the breasts and then sutures it in place.

What Will the Scar Look Like After a Reverse Tummy Tuck?

Although every surgery leaves behind some scarring, plastic surgeons specialize in making their incisions as neat as possible and hiding them within the natural contours of the body. After a reverse tummy tuck, most patients are able to easily hide their scars even when wearing a bikini top. Although your scar will never be completely invisible, scars do fade over time and can be very hard to detect in about 6 to 18 months. You can help your scar heal discreetly by protecting it from sunlight while you heal and applying scar creams or gels.

How Much Does a Reverse Tummy Tuck Cost?

As is true of any plastic surgery, the cost of a reverse tummy tuck varies from one surgery to another. At Mia Aesthetics, our tummy tucks start at $3,299. Your price will vary, however, depending on the surgeon you choose, the location of your procedure, and the complexity of your needs. Hiding the scar from a reverse tummy tuck is more difficult than doing so after a traditional tummy tuck, making the procedure a bit more technically and skillfully demanding. As a result, you will likely pay a bit more for a reverse tummy tuck than you would for a more traditional procedure.

Can You Combine a Reverse Tummy Tuck with a Breast Procedure?

Reverse tummy tucks combine quite well with breast procedures and doing both surgeries at once can save both money and recovery time. A skilled surgeon can easily combine a breast lift or breast implant procedure with a reverse tummy tuck. In some cases, however, a reverse tummy tuck can eliminate the need for breast implants. If you wish to have a breast augmentation with your reverse tummy tuck and have enough excess abdominal fat, your surgeon may be able to use that fat, moving it into your breasts to enhance them with your own tissue rather than adding implants.

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