What is a FUPA on a Man?

Man with fupa

Although more common in women, many men find themselves fighting off a FUPA as they get older. FUPA is a slang acronym that stands for fat upper pubic area and is also synonymous with the word pooch. It is sometimes referred to as an apron belly or hanging belly, as well, while doctors refer to the condition as a pannus stomach. Although they may develop FUPAs for different reasons, both men and women who have them are often keen on getting rid of them. If you have a male FUPA and want to rid yourself of it, a plastic surgeon can help.

Why Do I Have FUPA as a Man?

Just like women, men can develop a FUPA if they are overweight. A sedentary lifestyle and poor diet can make the condition worse, allowing fat to accumulate in both the upper and lower abdominal areas. Weight carried very low in the abdomen results in FUPA.

Hormonal changes can also cause FUAPA in men. Just as menopause changes a woman’s body, so too does the natural drop in testosterone that accompanies male aging. These hormonal changes can alter the ways and places the body stores fat, resulting in a male FUPA.

You may also experience a FUPA if you lose a large amount of weight. Losing abdominal weight is healthy, but depending on how far the weight has stretched your skin, it may not be able to snap back to its original tautness. The result is a flap of skin that hangs in front of your stomach, hips, and even thighs.

What Does FUPA Look Like on a Man?

A FUPA on a man generally looks like the hanging belly that it is. The lower abdomen often hangs in front of the pubic area, sometimes resulting in a condition known as a hidden penis. In this case, the hanging belly falls over the genitals, making the penis appear shorter and in some cases making it functionally so. Although not uncommon, this condition can be quite emotionally distressing for men and is in itself a common reason why men often desire a swift FUPA removal.

How to Get Rid of Male FUPA

It is notoriously difficult to target fat loss in the abdomen, but we applaud you in your effort to get rid of your FUPA naturally if you choose to do so. Your effort will require you to eat a healthy diet low in sugar but high in fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats. It will also be necessary to exercise. Aerobic exercise will help you lose weight while core strengthening exercises can help you firm up abdominal muscles. Other helpful exercises include mountain climbers, reverse crunches, bicycle crunches, leg raises, and the dreaded but effective burpees.

If these efforts don’t bear fruit, don’t be discouraged or consider yourself a failure. FUPAs are very difficult and sometimes impossible to eliminate by natural methods. When diet and exercise fail, plastic surgery can eliminate a hanging belly. If your FUPA is small, liposuction might be able to resolve the issue. You can easily turn a liposuction procedure into a lipo 360, removing not only your FUPA but also any extra fat in your sides (love handles) or lower back.

For larger FUPAs, a tummy tuck is an excellent option. A tummy tuck can get rid of your FUPA and flatten your abdomen. Like liposuction, a tummy tuck can easily be combined with a lipo 360 procedure to trim down and sculpt your entire midsection so you look great from every angle.

Have multiple issues you would like to address? Plastic surgery is absolutely not just for women, and many men schedule surgeries known as the daddy do-over. The male equivalent of a mommy makeover, a daddy do-over allows men to combine multiple plastic surgery procedures into one surgical session so they can address all of their problem areas at once — even if they don’t actually have children. Many men, for instance, opt to have a tummy tuck to get rid of FUPA while also having a liposuction surgery to eliminate gynecomastia caused by excess body fat in the chest. As long as the procedures you want are safe to perform together, your plastic surgeon will be happy to address multiple problem areas at the same time.

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