What is a Cell Saver and Who Needs it?

With each passing year, the plastic surgery industry develops more safety measures and protocols to create the most secure environment possible for incoming patients. Those who are interested in undergoing a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) or liposuction may have heard the term “cell saver” in their research. But what exactly is a cell saver, what does it do and who needs it? Below we go into details on what the innovative machine does, and how patients interested in liposuction or fat grafting procedures can benefit from it.

What is a Cell Saver?
Cell saver is device used in surgery. The device collects the blood you lose during your surgery, cleans the blood and returns the blood back to you. Not all plastic surgery clinics have cell saver technology, but Mia Aesthetics does have cell savers on hand for patients in need.

What Does it Do?
As mentioned, a cell saver collects blood that is lost during surgery, filters that blood, and then reinserts it into the body. The machine is only used for procedures that involve liposuction because liposuction puts the body at risk for an increased amount of blood loss. Typically, patients are able to recover from blood loss during lipo easily and without complications, but certain patients will need to use cell saver to guarantee their safety during and after the procedure.

Who Qualifies for Cell Saver?
Cell saver is available for patients whose hemoglobin comes back between 11.0 and 11.9 in their required blood work. A cell saver allows these patients to get the good red blood cells they need back into their body in order to heal properly after their procedure. Patients who are having liposuction or a fat grafting procedure like a BBL will be informed if they qualify for cell saver ahead of their procedure.

In Conclusion:
Cell saver is a machine that acts as an internal blood transfusion – blood lost during surgery is cleaned and then put back into the body. Patients undergoing a procedure that involves lipo and whose hemoglobin falls between 11.0 and 11.9 qualify for cell saver and can learn more about it from their patient concierge after they complete required lab work. A cell saver may be able to provide you with the added safety you need to recover smoothly after your procedure.

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