What are the Prerequisites for Liposuction?

Liposuction is a wonderful option for those with stubborn pockets of fat they just can’t seem to get rid of through regular diet and exercise. With the added option of a fat transfer, liposuction can help contour and mold one’s body to the shape of their dreams.

While the plastic surgery typically produces wonderful before and after results, not everyone is a good candidate for liposuction. Below is a list of the main prerequisites required for those considering liposuction:

1. Normal-Weight or Slightly-Overweight with Stubborn Fat Areas
Those considering liposuction should be at a normal weight or only slightly overweight. Contrary to what many believe, liposuction is NOT a weight loss surgery. Weight loss after liposuction is typically very minimal. Moreover, the main goal of the surgery is to contour the body. So if your goal with surgery is to lose weight, liposuction is likely not the procedure for you.

2. Has Tried Diet and Exercise
Some people find that no matter how much they adjust their diet or exercise, they cannot get rid of stubborn fat. These people are ideal candidates for liposuction. The liposuction will target whatever problem area they have – whether it’s their back, stomach, or thighs, and create the body contour they desire.

It is advised that patients try diet and exercise before undergoing lipo, as it may be possible to achieve your desired aesthetic naturally.

3. Must Not Be Pregnant
If you are pregnant, you should wait at least six months after giving birth to have liposuction performed. This is because the stress on the body and drugs given during the procedure could be dangerous to the fetus. Additionally, results will be better after your body has time to bounce back into shape after pregnancy.

4. Over 18 Years Old
The legal age to undergo liposuction is 18 years old. With special medical cases where liposuction is necessary, a doctor’s note may allow for patients of a younger age to undergo the procedure.

5. Generally Healthy with No Significant Medical Problems
Liposuction, although generally safe, is still a major cosmetic surgery. Patients should be in good health with normal blood-work, and should be non-smokers, or willing to stop at least a month before surgery. Additionally, patients should not suffer from diabetes, coagulation disorders, cardiovascular disease or any infectious diseases.

6. Elastic Skin
Having elastic skin is key in determining how successful your liposuction results will be. The more elastic your skin, the better your results. This is because if your skin is elastic, it will be able to tighten up and mold to your new, smaller shape. Skin elasticity tends to diminish with major weight gain and with aging.

7. Realistic Expectations
Liposuction can produce amazing results, but as mentioned, it does not contribute significantly to weight loss. Your doctor can help determine what your results might look like after surgery, giving you a realistic understanding of whether or not the procedure is right for you.

If you match these prerequisites, you are likely a good candidate for liposuction! The next step is meeting with your doctor or physician, researching highly rated plastic surgery clinics, and then setting a date for transforming your body and your life.

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