Treating Scars After Surgery

One common concern after plastic surgery is scarring. Whenever there is an incision to the skin, there is a chance of scarring. While plastic surgery is done in the most minimally invasive manner possible, resulting in minimal scarring, some procedures are more complex and could result in scarring.

Taking good care of your incision sites during your recovery will help minimize the appearance of scars post-surgery. Over time, there have been methods developed to help reduce or prevent as much scarring as possible after surgery. Below are a few steps you can do to help treat your surgical scars. Below are a few steps you can do to help treat your surgical scars.

Treating Surgical Scars

Silicone Sheets. Also known as silicone wound dressings, these are applied to the scar area to reduce the scar’s appearance and density. Studies have shown that silicone is the best ingredient when it comes to minimizing scars. Silicone helps the overall appearance of scars and reduces itching, redness, and discomfort.

Massaging with Lotion. Once the wound has healed and any stitches have been removed, your plastic surgeon will recommend massaging the area. Massaging the scar can help smooth out any bumps and flatten the scar tissue by preventing the tissue from building up, making the scar less noticeable.

Protect the scar from UV Rays. It’s crucial to protect scars from UV rays as they are sensitive and can burn easily. Make sure to apply sunscreen to the scar to prevent any further discoloration.

Scarring is only one factor that should be taken into account when considering plastic surgery and definitely shouldn’t discourage you from getting elective plastic surgery. Remember, scarring varies from person to person, and surgeons will always try to make an incision in the most unnoticeable positions, so you are happy with your final results. Most importantly, there are ways to help treat scars to minimize their appearance.

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