Things to Remember on Surgery Day

If your surgery date has almost arrived, you are likely experiencing a variety of emotions ranging from excitement to anxiety. Surgery can be scary, but being prepared for what lies ahead can make the experience much smoother and easier. If you are calm and prepared going into surgery, you will be able to use your energy to focus on something much more exciting – your results!

Below are some tips on how to prepare for plastic surgery and some important things you should remember on your surgery day:

1. Be Mentally Prepared
Many people overlook how important it is to mentally prepare ahead of surgery. It is just as important for your mind to be in a healthy place ahead of plastic surgery as it is your body. Although it is sometimes easier said than done, your surgical journey will be much easier and more joyful if you try and maintain a positive attitude throughout. Remember your end goal and the reasons you decided to go through with the cosmetic procedure in the first place. Although the road to recovery will be bumpy at some points, your much-anticipated end results will make the experience worth it!

2. Arrange any Needed Transportation
When you are going into surgery, the last thing you want to think about is transportation. Before your surgery date, make note of all transportation you will need on your surgery date and for any important dates afterward. Who will bring you to your surgery destination? Who will pick you up? Who will bring you to any important post-op appointments? And who will be there to get you any last-minute items you may need during your recovery? If you are traveling with a loved one, all these situations may be handled by one person. But if you are staying in a recovery house, you will want to be aware of who can assist you during these times and have their cellular number and email at hand just in case.

3. Enlist a Loved One of Family Member
Most surgeons recommend bringing a loved one or close family member along with you for your surgery. There is nothing like having someone who cares about you and loves you deeply by your side during recovery. The support and comfort of a loved one is unmatched and can help you stay calm and comfortable during recovery. Additionally, when you are weak and sore the first week or so after your procedure, they will be able to assist you with feeling more comfortable and can ensure you are eating and drinking enough to speed you along your recovery.

4. Arrange a Place to Stay
If you will be traveling for your plastic surgery, the first thing you need to arrange is a place to stay. You can choose to stay at a hotel or Airbnb if you will have a companion with you throughout your stay. Alternatively, you can choose to stay at a recovery house with other women who are in surgery recovery. Recovery houses are a great choice for patients who are traveling alone because it ensures you will have a caregiver and the needed supplies for your recovery. Additionally, recovery houses allow you to be surrounded by other patients who are going through the same experience as you, which can make your recovery time more enjoyable. The choice is entirely yours and depends on your unique needs and desires.

5. Be Aware of Important Dates and Times
Aside from your actual surgery date and time, you will want to remember other important dates. These include the date and time of your pre-op appointment as well as any post-op appointments and post-surgical massages or checkups. You will have to arrange transportation for all these appointments, so having everything written down ahead of time will help you feel at ease before surgery.

6. Have Needed Medications on Hand
Pain medications will be very useful to you during your recovery time. You will want to make sure that all prescriptions have been filled and picked up prior to your procedure so that you will be able to manage your pain better after your procedure.

7. You will be Tired, but Remember to Walk Around!
Whether you choose to have surgery in your hometown or elsewhere, the benefits of walking after surgery are immeasurable. While you will likely be very tired and want to rest a lot, it is crucial that you take time to walk around during regular intervals. Doing so will reduce the risk of blood clots, help regulate your bowel movements, and increase your energy levels, resulting in a quicker recovery.

While preparing for your surgery can feel stressful, having everything ready to go in the weeks prior to your procedure can significantly reduce stress and get you one step closer to the body of your dreams!

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