Physical Activity and Sex After Plastic Surgeon

Patients commonly get plastic surgery to feel more confident in themselves, love the body they are in or correct something that may hinder their ability to live their best life. After plastic surgery, you may be excited to show off your new body and have natural desires be enhanced. You may be wondering when is it okay to have physical activity or sex after plastic surgery?

The timeframe in which it’s okay to resume physical activity depends on a few different factors. Therefore, it doesn’t have a straightforward answer. The timeframe in which you can resume physical activity or sex varies on the procedure you’ve had done, your discomfort level, and when you feel ready for said activities.

Breast Enhancement 

While you may be excited to show off your new curves, it’s essential to remain patient and wait until your new breasts have fully healed before participating in any physical activity or sex. It is recommended to wait at least three weeks before approaching physical intimacy after having breast augmentation surgery.

The key to engaging in sexual activities post-surgery is to start slowly and be careful. It’s imperative to avoid any manipulation and handling of the breasts that may disrupt the implants’ placement for about two months. You should also avoid having any pressure placed on the areas that are still healing.

Body Contouring Surgery

Like with breast augmentation, it is expected to want to show off your new body with a newly found confidence after having a tummy tuck or liposuction done. You should wait until the abdomen has fully healed and any incisions have closed before going forward with physical activity or engaging in sexual activities. Those who have had very minimal corrections may wait two weeks before having any physical activity. However, for safety reasons, it’s best to wait at least a month after surgery.

Facial Rejuvenation Surgery

You may think you don’t need to wait as long after having facial plastic surgery to engage in physical activity or sex, but that’s not the case. It is still risky to have any physical activity too quickly after your procedure. Elevating your blood pressure is the biggest risk when it comes to having sex after a facial procedure. And regulating blood pressure during physical activity is difficult to do; therefore, not recommended for at least four weeks to avoid any possible nasal trauma.

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