Managing Expectations For Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has become more standard within society over the years, and more women are getting plastic surgery to feel more confident in themselves. While getting plastic surgery to achieve your dream body can be very exciting, it’s crucial to set realistic expectations before having any surgery done.

Clear communication between the patient and plastic surgeon is critical for the doctor to accurately assess what the patient wants and what is achievable. Plastic surgeons want their patients to be happy but also want what’s best for them health-wise.

Here are some tips to avoid unrealistic expectations:

  • Stop looking at ultra-filtered before and after pictures online. Doing your research is necessary and expected when wanting plastic surgery. Looking at before and after photos of the procedure you want to get is a good first step. But keep in mind that some pictures are altered to look more desirable. Try to look on plastic surgery websites where doctors post unfiltered pictures of their surgery results.
  • No two procedures are the same. When looking at pictures online of patients who have gotten plastic surgery, it’s important to remember that every person’s body is different, and no two patients are the same. A surgeon will have to evaluate what the patient wants to change to develop the best game plan to give the patient the results they want.
  • Don’t get plastic surgery for the wrong reasons. Unfortunately, there are times when a patient wants plastic surgery for unhealthy reasons. If you’re going to get plastic surgery to look like someone else or get revenge, then you most likely want to undergo plastic surgery for the wrong reasons. You want to make sure you’re getting plastic surgery for yourself and no one else.
  • Expecting results right away. Major plastic surgery procedures like a BBL or liposuction are more extensive procedures. Therefore, they require a more extended recovery period and will take more time before you start seeing results. Even when getting a minor procedure such as lip fillers, you will not see results right away. Patience is critical when getting any cosmetic procedures, as your results won’t be noticeable right away.

A plastic surgeons’ goal is to help a patient love the body they are in. However, their top priority is a patient’s health and well-being. It’s easy to let your expectations get ahead of you but talking with your plastic surgeon about what physical goals you want to achieve and what is possible will ensure you’re happy with your results.

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