How Long do you have to Wait to have a Tummy Tuck After a BBL?

One of the most popular procedures to get here at Mia Aesthetics is the Brazilian butt lift (BBL). By removing fat via liposuction from unwanted areas in your body like your tummy, hips, and back, and then reinserting that fat into the booty area, the BBL can create that perfect hourglass shape. Many patients opt to have a BBL after unwanted weight gain that is hard to shed off. While the procedure typically yields excellent results, some patient, depending on their unique body type, age and history of weight changes are still left with some loose skin around the tummy area. For these patients, having a tummy tuck after their BBL can create the perfectly contoured shape they are looking for.

After having a major plastic surgery like a BBL, however, it is suggested that you wait for your body to completely heal before undergoing another procedure. Mia Aesthetics’ Dr. Charepoo recommends waiting at least six months after a BBL to have a tummy tuck. This will allow your body to heal completely, revealing your final results. Additionally, during this time the skin around your belly will retract, creating a smaller area that needs to be removed during the tummy tuck. Overall, waiting the suggested six-month period will make your tummy tuck an easier procedure and will yield you better final results.

Many patients may wonder if they should have both their BBL and tummy tuck procedures done at the same time. While this is an option, it is not typically recommended. Procedure time will be significantly longer if you opt to have your BBL and tummy tuck at the same time, which increases the likelihood of risks and complications during surgery. Recovery after two major procedures tends to be much more difficult and uncomfortable. Additionally, because of the fact that having both a tummy tuck and a BBL at the same time requires you to stay off of your backside and your frontside, sleeping and laying down will become very difficult tasks. It is our recommendation that you wait at least six months after your BBL to get a tummy tuck to guarantee the best possible results and overall recovery experience.

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