How Long Do I Have to Wait to Get my Second Surgery and Why?

Modern technology has allowed plastic surgery to become a safe and common luxury enjoyed by people of all backgrounds. However, despite how standardized and safe plastic surgery has become, it should still be taken seriously. Although medicine and your body’s natural ability to heal make plastic surgery quite safe, your body still undergoes major stress and trauma after a procedure. For this reason, surgeons recommend spacing surgeries apart if you decide you would like to have more than one procedure done.

Below, we discuss how far apart you should schedule different procedures and why.

On Average – Six to Twelve Weeks
Most doctors will recommend waiting six to 12 weeks between surgeries. Longer wait times are advised for surgeries involving significant blood loss or extensive time under anesthesia. Additionally, your rate of healing and overall health will be a good determinant of how quickly you can receive your second procedure. For example, if you have undergone a breast augmentation, followed all pre- and post-op instructions correctly, and are healing at a rapid rate, you will likely be ready for your next procedure in three to six weeks. However, if you failed to follow pre-op instructions and smoked before surgery, and have not been cleaning your wounds well, you will likely have a much longer recovery period, which will push back the date of your next procedure.

Simpler Procedures Require Less Time
It is good to note that less complex procedures can typically be spaced closer together. Procedure like lipo of a small area, injectables, or even an uncomplicated breast augmentation can typically be performed within a closer time range. Alternatively, patients can discuss the possibility of having multiple procedures done at once to avoid going under anesthesia multiple times. The patient’s age, health and overall physique will determine if combining multiple procedures is a good option.

In Conclusion
It is generally advised to wait around two months or longer between surgeries. However, there are some cases where surgeries can be spaced closer together or further apart. A patient’s age, overall health and fitness level, unique anatomy, and how well they follow pre- and post-op instructions will help determine how quickly they can have their second surgery. Additionally, depending on the procedure of interest, some patients may qualify for having multiple procedures done at once. Talk to your surgeon to see what the best course of action is for you.

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