How Can I Gain Weight in a Healthy Way?

Fat transfer procedures like the Brazilian butt lift (BBL) have become one of the most popular types of plastic surgery practices. A fat transfer can sculpt away areas with unwanted fat like the stomach, sides, back and hips, and re-insert the fat into areas you want to plump up like the buttocks. Fat transfers can even be used to plump up your lips and/or aging hands! And the best part is that by using your own fat, your body is less likely to experience complications following the procedure or reject the fat.

For women looking to lose a few pounds, a fat transfer is an easy choice. But what about women who are on the slimmer side? For women who are slightly underweight, the prospect of a Brazilian butt lift might sound exciting. However, if there isn’t enough fat in the body to transfer, the procedure might be a waste.

If you are on the slimmer side and are considering a fat transfer procedure, here are a few ways you can gain weight in a healthy way:

Meet with your Doctor About the Cause of your Lower Weight
Most of the time, being on the thin side is a genetic predisposition or due to certain lifestyle choices and is actually better for your health in the long run. However, if you are underweight and it is causing health problems for you, there could be an underlying cause that needs to be addressed such as a thyroid problem, celiac disease, diabetes or some type of infection. Before you begin on your weight gain journey, check with your doctor to make sure there isn’t something deeper going on.

Eat More Meals a Day
Instead of just eating breakfast, lunch and dinner, opt for eating small meals whenever you’re hungry. People who are on the slimmer side often feel full faster. By eating multiple times a day, you can increase your caloric intake, resulting in steady weight gain.

Try Drinking Smoothies and Shakes
Supplementary smoothies and shakes are usually high in protein, nutrients and calories. If you are a particularly picky eater, implementing these shakes in your daily routine can help you healthily gain weight. Try incorporating the shakes along with breakfast or even as a snack ahead of dinner. Make sure to read the label and ensure you only drink the recommended portion each day.

Add Extra Garnishes and Toppings to Your Meals
Add tasty calories to your meals by topping them off with additional garnishes. For example, add grated cheese on pasta and eggs, or have milk with your cereal or oatmeal. You can also incorporate a high-protein granola to yogurt for an added crunch.

Indulge in Dessert Every Now and Then
Lucky for you, if you are trying to gain a couple pounds, indulging in dessert a few nights a week is actually a good idea. Of course, this isn’t to say you should completely throw health out the window when choosing which desserts to eat. Make sure you are keeping your sugar intake moderate throughout the rest of the day and opt for desserts with natural sources of sugar like strawberries and bananas.

Snack it Up
Keep healthy snacks like nuts and nut butter on hand for on-the-go nutrition. Consuming a calorie rich food like nuts regularly can help a person to gain weight safely. Nuts can also be added to many meals for an additional crunch, including salads. Avocados are another healthy snack that is rich in calories and fat, as well as some vitamins and minerals.

In Conclusion
If you are looking to have a fat grafting procedure such as a BBL and you are on the thinner side, you can absolutely gain some weight in a healthy way ahead of your procedure in order to create the best possible results for yourself. By slowly and steadily changing up your diet by eating small meals throughout the day, choosing calorie dense foods, indulging in dessert, and snacking, you will be well on your weigh to gaining a few healthy pounds. Keep in mind that the healthiest way to gain weight is always to do so in an extended period of time instead of all at once – now go on and eat!

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