Breast Implant Revision

If you have breast implants or are thinking about getting breast implants, you are most likely not thinking about the possibility of a second or subsequent procedure. However, in the future, if you become unhappy with the shape or size of the implants or experience complications that may have affected the look and feel of your breast implants, then a breast implant revision could provide a solution for you. A breast implant revision may be performed for both cosmetic and medical reasons, but the ultimate goal of the revision is to restore the appearance of youthful breasts.

Bottoming Out

When breast implants drop considerably on the chest, this is called bottoming out. This condition makes the breast implants appear too low and the nipples too high. Bottoming out of the breast implants occurs when there is poor tissue elasticity, this can cause things to stretch and the implants to fall lower on the chest wall.

Capsular Contracture

This condition occurs when the body forms a capsule, scar tissue, around a breast implant. Over time the capsule can become thicker, harder, and tighter, considered the condition capsular contracture. And it can be very painful. Therefore, it’s imperative to take care of it as soon as possible. Although this is a natural occurrence, it is very common and has a few treatments to help prevent capsular contracture.


This is a rare implant displacement condition that occurs when the skin and muscle between the breasts detach, causing the two pockets of tissue that hold the breast implants to merge across the middle of the chest. There are two different types of Symmastia, congenital or acquired. Congenital Symmastia is a condition that one is born with and is rare, whereas Acquired Symmastia is more common and typically a complication of breast reconstruction or augmentation surgery.

These are just some of the reasons for a breast implant revision. Some other causes include rippling or ruptured implants when breast implants leak or rupture and need to be removed and replaced by new implants. A breast implant revision can also be done for cosmetic purposes. Patients who choose to have this procedure want to change the size or type of their implants because they are not satisfied with the appearance of their original breast surgery. If you feel you have any of the conditions mentioned above, it’s critical to contact your plastic surgeon urgently.

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