Best Stores to Shop at After Plastic Surgery

The plastic surgery process can often seem long and daunting – from research, to booking, to preparation, to finally having the procedure of your choice. But if plastic surgery is something you have your heart set on, the end results will be well worth the wait! For many patients, one activity that makes their preparation period more fun and exciting is shopping for clothes they will be able to wear after they have their procedure done.

After asking our staff and patients for their top picks, we’ve accumulated a list of the best stores to shop at after plastic surgery. Counting down from ten to one, here are our favorites:

10. Shein
Shein is a rapidly emerging fast fashion e-commerce platform. It is widely known for its convenient and user-friendly B2C business style. People who have shopped at Shein before typically rave about the brand’s designer looking pieces and incredibly low prices. The website is also extremely extensive – whatever you are looking for, you will likely find something very similar on Shein. Many former patients like to shop on Shein because the prices are very low, meaning they can usually afford to get a ton of new pieces. The only caveat is that the brand is known for its clothes running small. Try ordering a size or two up here, especially if you are sporting a newly boosted booty!

9. Zaful
Zaful is a China based online fast fashion retail shop that is owned by Wiseon E-commerce (Hong Kong) Ltd. Like Shein, Zaful offers cute, on-trend pieces at amazingly cheap prices. The main drawback is that customers usually have to wait a bit longer to receive their items, as they are shipped all the way from China. Like Shein, customers should keep in mind that pieces may run small.

8. Forever 21
You liked it when you are in high school and you will like it even more after plastic surgery! Forever 21 makes sure to deliver for post-surgery patients with trendy pieces, eye-catching colors and size inclusivity. The great thing about Forever 21 is that you can shop online or at almost any mall in the U.S. Forever 21 also offers a range of styles, from risqué to modest, to suit each person’s individual style.

7. H&M
Like Forever 21, H&M is a mall favorite and has recently been attracting more attention from those who have recently had plastic surgery. The brand is known for its sleek, designer-looking pieces and affordable prices. H&M also launches seasonal collections, offering a lot of different silhouettes for customers to try out. And if any items don’t work for you, their return policy is simple and straightforward.

6. Rue107
Rue107 is a New York–based women’s lifestyle brand selling statement-making fashion at an affordable price. Their clothing is very close in style to Fashion Nova and comes in sizes 2 through 24. If you want to shop somewhere that is a bit less widely known, Rue107 is a great choice.

5. Missguided
A UK-based retailer, Missguided was founded to provide more fashion choices to young women. Having humble origins in the UK, the company now has spread to be one of the most selling brands of U.S., Australia, France, and Germany. It specializes in clothes targeted at young female adults and their collections include products for every body type – tall, petite or plus sized. Their site has a varied collection of female apparel, shoes, accessories, swimwear, lingerie and nightwear that is sure to flatter your newly enhanced figure!

4. AMI Clubwear
AMI Clubwear is for the showstopper in you. The brand features bodycon dresses and sexy silhouettes, as hinted by the name. AMI Clubwear is also very affordable, so it’s a popular choice among customers who want to buy a lot of items. For those who are looking to show off their plastic surgery results, AMI Clubwear is a great choice.

3. Pretty Little Thing
Pretty Little Thing is basically the Fashion Nova of the UK. If you are looking for sexy styles but have already gone through all of Fashion Nova’s archives, Pretty Little Thing is a good choice. The company caters to plus size women by having sizes ranging from 6-28. Customers can sort clothes based on their size, shape, and their season’s collection. It also provides worldwide shipping at a low shipping fee, making it an excellent option for new post-surgery clothes.

2. Amazon
Believe it or not, Amazon was one of our patients’ first choices when it came to post-surgery clothing shops! The beauty of Amazon is that you can customize your search for the exact type of item you are looking for. You can also choose from a variety of sellers and get your clothing delivered in up to a day. For its convenience and ease of use, Amazon is a top choice for clothing after plastic surgery.

1. Fashion Nova
Talked up by plastic surgery icons like Cardi B. and Kylie Jenner, Fashion Nova is the top choice for patients looking to buy new clothes after plastic surgery. The brand makes items meant to flaunt curvy figures, which is perfect for patients planning to receive a BBL, breast augmentation of full mommy makeover. With an amazing selection of styles, colors and sizes, you can’t really go wrong. Fashion Nova is also known for its incredible jeans, which synch at the waist and provide enough room for fuller booties. Snag yourself a pair to make a showstopping entrance at your next appearance after your recovery!

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