What is Ab Etching?

The elusive six-pack can be hard to achieve, even for the most devout fitness enthusiasts. Here to solve that problem is abdominal (ab) etching: the cosmetic procedure that can carve out your abdominal area and create the illusion of six-pack abs. Celebrities like Cardi B. have popularized the procedure, which can give your body an extra boost after lipo, creating both an hourglass shape and a fit-looking core. We’re happy to provide a detailed guide to how ab etching is performed and who can benefit from the procedure.

What is Ab Etching?

Ab etching is the process of accentuating the existing abdominal muscles by removing portions of the fat layer on top of them. It is an advanced form of liposuction sometimes referred to as liposculpture. Although performed in a similar manner to liposuction, the goal of ab etching is not to contour your figure overall but to very specifically remove fat from just the right areas to accentuate your abdominal muscles, making them appear a bit more toned than they truly are. The desired result is for your abdomen to look as though you have achieved the often sought- after but rarely executed six-pack of abdominal muscles.

How is Ab Etching Surgery Performed?

Before your ab etching surgery begins, your surgeon will mark your body while you are standing, outlining where your abdominal muscles are and where the fat on top of them lies. These marks will serve as a road map during surgery, showing your surgeon exactly what fat they must remove in order to enhance your muscles. With the marking finished, you would traditionally be placed under general anesthesia. You still may be, but patients now have the option of undergoing awake liposuction using only a local anesthetic if desired.

As in traditional liposuction, your surgeon will remove the unwanted fat through a small tube called a cannula. This cannula gets passed into the body through very small incisions made in your abdomen. Whenever possible, the surgeon makes these incisions around the belly button so that they are totally discreet. Working carefully, your surgeon will remove abdominal fat as necessary to showcase the muscles beneath your skin and create a more sculpted appearance.

Although you can have ab etching done by itself, often the procedure is combined with liposuction or a tummy tuck to give an even more refined, toned look.

What are the Benefits of Ab Etching?

Ab etching can give you the appearance of a six-pack without all the hours at the gym. The procedure leaves you looking great and provide a real confidence boost. Since the fat removed from your abdomen doesn’t come back, you can expect your surgical results to last almost indefinitely so long as you take care of yourself.

Is Ab Etching Permanent?

Ab etching results are permanent, but there is an asterisk. The fat removed during an ab etching procedure is gone for good, so it can’t come back to change your results. But a surgeon can’t remove all of the fat cells from your abdomen, so there will be some left. If you gain a significant amount of weight, these fat cells will grow and could alter your results. Gain enough weight and your body could also make new fat cells, and it could put them back on top of your abdominal muscles.

Your ab etching results can easily last for decades, but only if you take care of yourself after surgery.

Who is the Best Candidate for Ab Etching?

The ideal candidate for ab etching is a patient who is less than 30% over their ideal body weight and already enjoys some muscle tone. Ab etching (and liposuction in general) isn’t a weight loss procedure. If you weigh more than 30% above what you should, ab etching won’t produce results for you. It’s also best if you already have some muscle tone. You don’t need to be in fantastic shape to undergo the procedure, but the better your existing muscle tone, the better your results will be.

Aside from these two conditions, the requirements for ab etching are the same as they are for any surgery. It’s best if you are generally in good health and have any ongoing conditions well under control. If you smoke, it’s imperative that you quit prior to your surgery and continue to abstain during your recovery. You must also have realistic expectations about what plastic surgery can achieve and be prepared to follow all of your surgeon’s post-operative instructions, including wearing a compression garment.

Can Women Get Ab Etching?

Women can and do get ab etching surgery. A six-pack looks good on everyone.

What is Ab Etching Recovery Like?

Ab etching is a liposuction procedure and so requires the same recovery. For the first few days after the procedure you may feel sore, but most patients report only minimal pain. The majority are able to return to work and normal daily activities about 5 days after surgery. You’ll have to take a month off from more vigorous exercises, however. Low impact activities like swimming and light workouts can also resume about 5 days post-op. Your recovery time may increase if you combine ab etching with another procedure.

Full recovery after ab etching takes several months, as you will likely experience some residual swelling and bruising around the abdominal region. The final results usually take about six months to settle in, but you will see some initial improvements from the procedure right away.

Will Ab Etching Leave Scars?

Any surgical procedure can leave behind scars, but skilled plastic surgeons are experts at minimizing and hiding them. During ab etching, only a few incisions are made and they are typically very small and difficult to notice. These incisions are often hidden around the belly button. If your surgeon needs to make incisions elsewhere, they will continue to choose areas where any scarring will be hidden within the natural contours of your body.

Does Mia Aesthetics Offer Ab Etching?

Mia Aesthetics offers ab etching along with several financing options that can help you fund the procedure.

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